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Rush Limbaugh Watch: Advice to Team Obama



Today El Rushbo offers Team Obama some advice – now mind you Operation Chaos is in full swing and the word is to vote for Hillary in Indiana and North Carolina on Tuesday, May 6th.

Moments ago, Rush Limbaugh was addressing the Obama campaign with a “pep talk” of sorts, pointing out that the Clintons have gained ground by pointing out that Obama is associated with crooked, extreme, and unsavory individuals like Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, and William Ayers.

The Clintons.

Rush pointed out the towering mountain of ethical questions, unsavory characters, run-ins with the law, and examples of bad judgment in the Clintons’ past. He recalled the Chinese money ending up in Bill Clinton’s reelection coffers, renting out the Lincoln Bedroom, the millions Bill Clinton has collected since leaving office, sometimes from foreign sources… Marc Rich, Hillary’s brothers…

So, Obama should use the GOP approach to attack Hillary, right?

Sowing the seeds of chaos…….


And, the general election campaign has not even started yet.


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  1. Along the same lines comes this …
    We’re Screwed 08. The first non-partisan political statement for the 2008 elections.
    See I hope Rush, Coulter, Hannity, Levin, etc. like it as it echoes the sentiments of both liberals and conservatives.

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