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Barack Obama Watch: Early Indiana Vote Heavy in Obama Favored Counties


US Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) greets supporters during a campaign stop in Charlotte, North Carolina May 2, 2008.

Is heavy Indiana early voting in Obama favored counties an OMEN?

Early voting in Indiana could offer some encouragement to presidential hopeful Barack Obama, who needs a victory in its upcoming primary after a tough few weeks on the campaign trail.

Obama victories in the Indiana and North Carolina primaries on May 6 could help him regain momentum in his nomination fight against Hillary Rodham Clinton. Obama has been on the defensive because of comments by his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and his own comments about people in small towns growing bitter.

About 20 percent of the 127,000-plus absentee ballots received as of early Friday were cast in three Indiana counties – Marion, Monroe and Lake – that political observers believe Obama is strongly favored to win.

Lake County has a large population of black voters and is in Chicago’s shadow. Obama has typically won big among college-age voters, and Monroe County is the home of Indiana University in Bloomington. Obama’s campaign sought out IU students with voter registration and early voting drives and a free Dave Matthews concert.

If Obama shocks Hillary in Indiana the race for the Democrat nomination is over. However, should Hillary win by more than five points then she will stay in the race until the convention in August – no matter what happens in the later primary elections.

And, why not? She could either win or batter Obama sufficiently to help McCain win his one and only term. Hillary will then be the Democrat heir-apparent in 2012.

Remember iNDIANA Operation Chaos cross-voters: VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON.

4 thoughts on “Barack Obama Watch: Early Indiana Vote Heavy in Obama Favored Counties

  1. My political sources here in Indiana tell me Hilarity beats Nobama by 5-6 pts. This battle goes all the way to Denver. Howard Dean may yet scream again!

  2. What I can see is a Texas-Ohio primary in reverse – Favoring Obama, I mean. Remember, in the last few days before the Texas primary, Obama actually pulled ahead of Hillary in the polls, but ended up losing anyway, beacuse a lot of early votes went to Hillary, not to mention late breakers. Same thing could happen in reverse in Indiana. Hillary could be ahead by 5 points, and still end up losing by a small margin. And like Hillary trashed Obama in Ohio, the reverse happens in NC.

  3. The latest polling IS all over the place but the CW is Hillary by 7 points or more. If she sustains this lead how close will she come in North Carolina?

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