American Dentists to Liberate Dentally Challenged British?


William Kelly, 43, extracted part of his own tooth, leaving a black stump. He plans to pull one more.


The American League of dentists declared this a noble mission.

“A noble mission yes, but not an entirely easy one.” said Dentist General Charles Chicklets. “These people have never seen a toothbrush, toothpaste or even a toothpick in their entire lives! We’ll be sending advisors at first. We’ll then slowly build up our forces there. We may be in country for a decade or more.”

About damn time those Brits were civilized…….


7 thoughts on “American Dentists to Liberate Dentally Challenged British?

  1. Yeh the poor guy looks like he has had a pretty hard life.

    I don’t think the dental issue in GB is as bad as people thing. There are plenty of British people with damn fine teeth.

  2. The issue in the UK is access to care through the NHS. In other words who pays.

    In OZ it is private as in most of the former Commonwealth.

  3. I lived abroad for a few years in thailand and met several brits who had bad teeth, but also who had good teeth. The jokes though didnt go over so well about their bad teeth, since i was then trumped with the iraq war card. 😉

  4. lol, poor little guy… Well, I agree with Flap coz most of my circle are British and yeah they really love sweets. Anyway, seeing the old guy teeth reminds me with a video from clash entitled “things you should NEVER do with your mouth” actually it’s a head-to-head video of human stupidity. Never underestimate the stupidity of the human race I’m telling you :- )

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