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Hillary Clinton Outperforms Barack Obama in Electoral College Vs. McCain


Karl Rove and Company have the maps but the methodology is suspect. But, the conclusion is the same and it is really a no-brainer.


The Conclusion:

John McCain matches up better in the Electoral College with Barack Obama than with Hillary Clinton. But, tell this to the Democrat Superdelegates who will roll over for the Messiah Obama after the June 3rd primary elections.

Hillary WILL try.

7 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Outperforms Barack Obama in Electoral College Vs. McCain

  1. I don’t really have the time to explore these stats, but is this for real? I mean, Clinton is losing the nomination, and everyone agrees the Democrats have a big wind behind their backs, so how come McCain is leading Obama in the electoral college count?

  2. Yes, these are poll averages but McCain is winning the red states which have more electoral votes than blue Obama states.

    Obama will not do well in Florida because of the Jewish and Cuban vote that will line up for sure with McCain.

    I suspect Ohio and even Pennsylvania could go to McCain more easily now that Obama made the “bitter” remarks about working class whites. There is also a sizeable Jewish vote in Pennsylvania which won’t vote for him because of Farrakahn.

    McCain could very well win in a “down” GOP year.

  3. I NEVER trust polls… first of all, they are almost always fabricated. There is enough election fraud in actual elections and the primaries, which actually matter. Exit polling is almost always fabricated or else done selectively. Instead we should look to the HISTORY of state voting trends, analyze the candidates’ attributes, and finally, consider how they did in primaries and caucuses.

    For instance, the primaries and caucuses tell us where candidates might have a weakness. We know that McCain’s weaknesses are CO, IA, MA, MI, and NV. Obama’s weaknesses include the “border states” between the Great Lakes and South: IN, KY, OH, WV… possibly PA. Clinton did well in those Appalachian border states, most of which lean red anyways.

    I find the comment made by Flap especially amusing! First of all, McCain is not doing too well in all but the reddest states. Iowa and Colorado, red states for the last election cycles, will surely go to Obama. Same with Nevada or New Mexico, if not both. Even the South does not seem to have the same enthusiasm for McCain. Not to mention Bob Barr may be the Ralph Nader of 2008!

    Also, his comment that Jews will all line up to vote for McCain, especially against Obama, reeks of Antisemitism. I was not aware that Jews are part of a hive mind. Newsflash: Jews are not all Zionist drones. I know many Jewish people who support Obama personally. Likewise, Flap’s comments regarding rural whites from Pensylvania and Ohio demonstrate the patronizing attitude of the CONdescending neo-CONs. Pretend to care about or sympathize the commoners you look down upon. Newsflash Mr. Flap, the people of Pensylvania are not too stupid to get the point of Obama’s over-played “bitter” comments, nor are they thin-skinned enough to take offense to constructive criticism. I imagine that rural whites have the intelligence and sense of humor to handle Obama’s statements.

    The maps above seem accurate enough except for some major discrepancies. I am not even going to comment on Clinton’s map seeing as Obama is the prospective nominee.

    1. Why does McCain win Wisconsin? Proof that pollsters live in Fantasyland! Wisconsin is a solid blue state, has been for the past few election cycles (since after Reagan). Wisconsin will vote Democrat for sure (as will neighboring Michigan).

    2. McCain almost certainly will lose Nevada, yet your map has him winning. McCain lost to Ron Paul in the Nevada caucuses!

    3. Obama will hold Michigan and take Iowa, Colorado, and probably New Mexico.

    4. I understand why New Hampshire would go red in an Obama-McCain matchup based on the primary results. In fact, N.H. is the only Kerry state McCain can realistically expect to win. However, I just do not see a liberal New England state voting for McNeocon.

    5. Ohio will be a battleground state but I expect it to go for McCain.

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