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It PAYS to Comment for John McCain


Team McCain is now awarding “points” to comment on left and right blogs (via MM). With enough points you may be able to receive your own sock puppet.

Note that Flap is NOT on the list.

But, there is more:

Rogers sends over word that the points system will be larger than mere competing to see who can post the most pro-McCain comments.

“[It] will help our supporters track and compete against one another for reaching out and making phone calls, sending letters to the editor, signing up friends and other campaign activities,” he says.

Wow, Flap thought it was the earnest fervor of supporters of McCain and the GOP that would drive the campaign.

Wonder who the brain donor was who dreamed up this scheme?


  • Dennis

    I just read that Governors Crist, Jindal and Romney will be visiting McCain in Arizona over the three day weekend. Speculation is that McCain is stepping up the VP search. ROMNEY!!! You have to kidding McCain.