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Chris Muir Watch: It PAYS to Comment for John McCain

Sienfeld – Soup Nazi – NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Michelle Malkin explains the background of Chris Muir’s Day By Day cartoon of today.

John McCain’s “point” system for blog comment trolls is now a running joke across both sides of the Internet. RedState skewers the program here.

Here is Chris Muir’s cartoon from this morning:


Well, so much for enthusiasm in the conservative blogosphere for McCain who prefers “SOCK PUPPETS” to discussion of policy – especially that which may be critical of him.

Didn’t we see the same when McCain “blew Up” at Senator John Cornyn over the illegal alien amnesty bill last May? Not a pretty display of class for McCain.

Guess it is better to be safe than criticized.

Get those points and sock puppets ready or NO SOUP for you.


It PAYS to Comment for John McCain