Tooth Whitening Shops – Are They Practicing Dentistry?


tooth whitening dentistry dental

Nicole Linker, left, an iSmile technician, checks on Katie Blood during her whitening treatment.

Why would anyone think this is NOT practicing dentistry, despite the lame excuses the iSmileXpress company gives?

The California Dental Board will currently go out of business on July 1 of this year, thanks to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger so the enforcement of California law has probably been lax. Also, Jerry Brown, the uber liberal former Governor ond now the Attorney General is too busy suing county governments and President Bush over global warming to bother.

Let’s see why should these companies be regulated?

1. The treatment is worthless – mostly dehydration of the teeth and hence a fraud

2. A patient actually may be harmed by the materials and how would the technicians (who ain’t dentists) know anyway?

The video is here.

Flap is amazed at the fast buck artists in and around dentistry.


19 thoughts on “Tooth Whitening Shops – Are They Practicing Dentistry?

  1. There is money in it and the state boards of dentistry are too weak in most states. It is a fad and after there are problems, and a few consumer lawsuits though they will crash and burn.

  2. Who in their right mind would go for a whitening procedure not conducted under the supervision of a dentist? If done correctly, tooth whitening isn’t dangerous. As an above poster said however, there is plenty of money to go around in the industry hence why small (and likely illegal) whitening shops are sprining up overnight claiming to offer professional services. It’s truly disgusting to see how much people will go out of their way to make money.

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  3. You should always select your health providers carefully, your dentist or Tooth Whitening shop should be no different. Although these type of business seem to be catching on.

  4. I noticed that for most clients, the benefits of having your teeth whitening outweighs the potential risks. People want better looking teeth. But at our office we make sure to add discuss the pros and cons of all our teeth whitening options.

  5. I concur with Teeth Whitening Dentist. For our clients we also include education into the process. We insure clients have a clear understanding of the procedure. I would not recommend this procedure for anyone if it is not supervised by a licensed dentist.

  6. I agree with many posters above. You must do teeth whitening with a dentist. These “technitions” are not required to know enough about the teeth and how they work to properly whiten teeth while eliminating the chance of harmful side effects. It is too bad the CA gov is so lax on this issue, it will come back to haunt them if something ends up going wrong.

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