Ron Paul Watch: Speaking at Minnesota GOP Convention?

Ron Paul

Alvin Holter of Crystal, Minn., adjusts a Ron Paul for President campaign sign a short distance from where Republican presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas was speaking, Friday, May 30, 2008, outside the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minn

Flap says let Ron Paul speak without preconditions.

Ron Carey, chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota, said the only way Ron Paul can address the state convention is if he ends his candidacy and endorses John McCain.

“Rep. Paul waged a very credible battle here, but the battle is over and it’s time to coalesce around Sen. McCain and enhance our chances of prevailing in November,” Carey said. “There’s no benefit for Republicans to continue on with a battle after the battle has been fought and a victor has been declared.”

The GOP should be a party where ideas are debated, accepted and rejected.

Ron Paul will NEVER endorse McCain and many of Paul’s supporters will NEVER vote for ANY Republican nominee but the free discussion of their ideas is beneficial to the party.

Also, it will be McCain’s call but what about the Minnesota National GOP Convention? Flap gives it a thumbs up.

Flap says Rudy Giuliani should speak directly following Paul. What a contrast.