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Joe Lieberman Watch: Obama “Sleazy Tactics”

Barack Obama has some stern words for Joe Lieberman, leading him off the Senate floor

Joe Lieberman has had enough of Barack Obama’s sleazy tactics of personal confrontation.

An aide to the McCain-backing Senator from Connecticut tells The Page: “If the Obama campaign thinks they are going to intimidate Joe Lieberman with these sleazy tactics then they are sorely mistaken.”

Newsweekand Flap had covered the apparent scolding of Senator Lieberman by Democrat Presidential nominee Obama.

McCain has enlisted high-profile help of his own to help win Jewish votes: Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a self-described “independent Democrat” who has criticized Obama’s leadership qualities, has agreed to head up a booster group called Citizens for McCain. In a brief but animated Senate floor confrontation last week, according to a campaign aide who asked for anonymity when talking about private discussions, Obama told Lieberman he was surprised by Lieberman’s personal attacks and his half-hearted denials of the false rumors that Obama is a Muslim. (The aide says Lieberman was “strangely muted” during the exchange; a Lieberman spokesman says the chat was “private and friendly.”)

As Flap said: Lieberman should tell Obama, Reid, Durbin and the rest of those clowns in the Senate to “go to hell.” Joe was elected as an Independent after the Democrat LEFT pushed Ned Lamont to a win in the Connecticut Democrat primary.

Harry Reid continues to be Lieberman’s BITCH for now but with the Democrats on track to add more Senate seats this November, Joe might as well leave NOW rather than be pushed out later.

It was wrong for Barack Obama to throw his weight at Joe Lieberman and try to physically intimidate him.

Now, it is going to come back and bite Obama in the ass.

Stay tuned……


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