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Hillary Clinton Watch: Former Hillary Campaign Manager Joins Team Obama

Hillary Clinton and Patti Solis Doyle

A harbinger of Hillary Clinton as the Vice Presidential nominee or an in your face “SLAP?”

The Obama campaign is about to make its first big hire out of the campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Patti Solis Doyle, who was Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign manager until she was ousted in a staff shake up in February, will join Mr. Obama’s campaign as the chief of staff to the vice presidential candidate – whoever he (or she) will be, campaign officials said.

Ms. Doyle will take the position before Mr. Obama announces his choice for a running-mate – he has not said when that will be. Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Doyle have a long friendship, and Ms. Doyle has long been one of her closest aides, until she was forced out. Could that mean – tea-leaf reading time – that Mr. Obama is really considering Mrs. Clinton for the No. 2 position, and wants to have an ally of her in place to ease the way? Perhaps.

Or perhaps not. More likely, the Obama campaign was looking for a high-profile spot to put Ms. Doyle, given her previous position, and most of the major roles in Mr. Obama’s campaign are filled.

Flap says Obama will NEVER name Hillary as Vice President. So, read into the appointment anyway you want.

Flap says a SLAP.


  • Cathy in Ks.

    I have no idea if Solis Doyle would be a slap in the face to Clinton or not. As for Hillary being a possibility for Obama’s “vp” position most of we Hillary supporters hope she is “not considered” and if asked will not take it. We see that if Obama goes on to be given the nomination officially at the convention, he is going to lose come November. Many of we Clinton supporters consider Obama “unelectable” and chosen by the DNC in a very unfair manner. Please note he has already been turned down by prominent Hillary supporters already for the “vp” position although they said they would campaign for him.

    We don’t want Clinton to give Obama the “credibility” he so desperately needs at this point. Many of Clinton’s supporters could only consider the “ticket” good if Clinton is at the top of the ticket and Obama is “vp,” but even then we would have reservations given all that has come out about Obama and his unsavory associations. Many of we Clinton supporters “were” and “still” are insulted by Obama supporters on-line. Our legitimate concerns about Obama’s lack of experience, his long-term relationship with an anti-Semitic church, an anti-Semitic pastor, and unrepentant terrorist among other things; his naive views concerning foreign policy, his associations with corrupt Chicago politicos have all been dismissed by the MSM and leaders of the democratic party and we have all too often been branded as “uneducated, Bible-thumping, gun-toting, racists” even though that “shoe” does not really fit many of us.

    We think Hillary Clinton is one of the best candidates to have run for president in a long time and we will support her in a 2012 venture if she want to do this. We don’t want her saddled on a “losing ticket” with Obama.

  • Flap

    I agree.

    Hillary would NOT accept it EVEN if Obama offered it – which he won’t.

    Hillary fired Patti Solis Doyle and Obama rubbed that in the face of Hillary and Bill.