Barack Obama,  Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani Blasts Barack Obama Over Terrorism Remarks

Former New York Mayor and GOP Presidential candidate Rudy goes RIGHT after Barack Obama over his remarks made on an ABC Television Nightline interview. The video of the Obama interview is here. The transcript of the interview is here.


“Throughout this campaign, I have been very concerned that the Democrats want to take a step back to the failed policies that treated terrorism solely as a law enforcement matter rather than a clear and present danger,” Giuliani said. “Barack Obama appears to believe that terrorists should be treated like criminals — a belief that underscores his fundamental lack of judgment regarding our national security. In a post 9/11 world, we need to remain on offense against the terrorist threat which seeks to destroy our very way of life.”

Rudy is RIGHT. In the Clinton years terrorists like Osama Bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were treated like common criminals and pursued as such. The Clinton administration “proceeded with 100 per cent law enforcement focus.” When 9/11 happened Bin Laden and KSM had already been indicted, and that helped how?

During Giuliani’s Presidential campaign Rudy called for a war on offense against terrorism, Obama would conduct exactly the opposite and put America at risk.


  • Anonymous

    All I know is that if Barack Obama is elected,
    all of us need to go out and buy us a gun, because
    the terrorists will be at our back door when he takes office!

  • savvy brown

    Oh well all I know is Guiliani is a jerk who didn’t even make it to the Presidential Candidacy OR as a Comedian which he eveidently thinks he is.
    Guiliani is a disgrace to other Italians and other New Yorkers. Barrack WAS a community Organizer as a young man
    just like Rudy WAS a Catholic and HAS been married 3 times AND stopped looking for the remains of people after 9/11
    once the gold was found. Guliani IS a greedy bastard.

  • Flap


    Alot of name calling. I’ll take a 3 times married former U.S. attorney and former Mayor any day over a nobody who voted present while in the Illinois State Senate.

    Obama is blatantly unqualified to be elected President.

  • Eric

    Why doesn’t Rudy ask why Republican George Bush why after September 11th when every civilian flight in the country was grounded, he let one flight go – the flight carrying the Bin Laden family. Why didn’t Bush go after Bin Laden? Probably because the Bush family has been close friends with the Bin Laden family for over 30 years. Why doesn’t he ask why McCain accepts millions of dollars for his campaign from middle eastern oil countries that do not care about Americans? Why don’t we ask why Sarah Palin was part of a group that wanted Alaska to leave the US and become its own country?

    The truth is that the Republicans, McCain, and the Bush family have been recieving payments from big oil since the 70’s, and McCain openly admits accepting milliions of dollars from oil companies in the middle east for his campaign.

    The Republicans will say anything in order to try to get votes. I used to vote republican years ago when I was in the Army, when there was still some hope that they would vote for less taxes, and smaller government. However, since the 90’s and since the Republicans sold their souls to big business, that has all changed. The Republican party in Washington has become a puppet show for the super-wealthy, they have run up the largest debt in history which means higher taxes, they are continually growing the government to make it larger, they continue to try to push for more government control over our every day lives, many have come out of the closet, and many have fallen in scandals and been proven criminals. Surely anyone with sense can see that the Republican party today has nothing to do with what republicans say they represent.