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Invesco Field in Denver, Home of the Denver Broncos

Marc Ambinder says that the Democrats will announce the venue for Barack Obama’s acceptance of the party nomination for President tomorrow.

For the day, August 28th the Democrats will move from the Denver Pepsi Center to Invesco Field. The field, the home of the NFL’s Denver Broncos seats around 75,000.

Invesco is an open air stadium with no retractable roof. This will make a pretty picture for television as the Democrats will pack the place but if it rains or there are thunderstorms……..August is the fourth highest average rainfall month for Denver.

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Republican National Committee Ad on Energy, “Balance”

The Republican National Committee has kicked off general election ads for John McCain focusing on energy. This ad will begin a 10 day and $3 million ad campaign targeting Barack Obama on energy.

The script:

“Record gas prices, a climate in crisis. John McCain says solve it now. With a balanced plan — alternative energy, conservation, suspending the gas tax AND more production here at home. He’s pushing his own party to face climate change.

“But Barack Obama? For conservation, but he just says no to lower gas taxes. No to nuclear. No to more production. No new solutions. Barack Obama: Just the party line. The Republican National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.”

The ad which started Saturday night, July 5th will air in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – all key battleground states for McCain.

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Barack Obama’s shifting or “REFINED” Iraq War Policy

Barack Obama on Saturday said he was “puzzled” over the reaction to his statement this week that he might “refine” his timetale for withdrawing U.S. combat troops.

Now, Team McCain is questioning Obama’s words as to what he exactly means on Iraq War policy.

Sen. John McCain’s campaign said Sunday that Barack Obama’s remarks on Iraq “have left a significant question as to exactly what he intends.”

“He has held almost every conceivable position in the course of his relatively brief career in the Senate,” said Randy Scheunemann, McCain’s foreign policy adviser.

McCain’s campaign suggested Obama’s views could be becoming more in line with McCain’s Iraq policy.

“The position of [McCain’s] campaign is that words do matter, and Sen. Obama’s words have left a significant question as to exactly what he intends. If he is now joining Sen. McCain’s position and saying that the need to maintain peace and stability in Iraq is a prerequisite before responsible withdrawal, which is Sen. McCain’s position, we welcome his conversion to that position,” Scheunemann said Sunday in a conference call with reporters.

Barack Obama HAS flip flopped on his Iraq War position in moving away from his radical LEFT anti-war position. The LEFT WING of the Democrat Party may not like the change but it is change you can count on, no?

Maybe Obama will be able to clear up his ambiguous statements when he campaigns with Hillary Clinton to retire her campaign debt later this week.


Barack Obama Says He is “PUZZLED” Over Iraq War Flip Flop

Barack Obama Watch: New and NOT Improved

Barack Obama Watch: In A Shocker Obama Flip Flops on Iraq War – Now Wants to Clarify His Remarks

Barack Obama Watch: In A Shocker Obama Flip Flops on Iraq War

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Governor Sarah Palin prepares to sign two bills into law – SB 214 and HB 326 – which will benefit Alaska Guard members

This piece pretty much says it all – even without mentioning Palin. All of the other candidates in the GOP Veepstakes are flawed in some way or another.

Let’s see. Governor Palin is:

  • Young and energetic
  • Conservative
  • Pro-Life Woman with a family
  • Experienced in Executive Government

Will Palin be a default McCain choice for Vice President or simply the BEST choice?

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