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Joe Lieberman Watch: Democrat Divorce?

Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman

A trial balloon for the Lieberman-Democrat Party divorce and switch to the GOP caucus?

The Democrats know the divorce is coming and some on the LEFT want to press the issue before the September GOP convention. But, Joe Lieberman will be patient and will make a choice of his own choosing.

Lieberman may be more effective for John McCain if he remains in the Democrat Caucus – at least for now.


Joe Lieberman Watch: Obama “Sleazy Tactics”

Will Joe Lieberman Caucus with the GOP?

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  • Ling

    You gotta consider his position on issues. Other than the Iraq War and his position on Israel, he’s pretty much a run of the mill Democrat, I think. Do we really want him? Besides, its not like he’s going to be reelected next time round, in 2012. I don’t think he’s even going to try. Most likely he’ll quit the Senate.

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  • Flap

    I think he is personal friends with McCain and a change now would only be based on that friendship.

    Lieberman will retire after this term so he really doesn’t give a shit what he does to the Democrats. After they put a knife in his back in 2006 with the NUTROOTS supporting Ned Lamont he wants some revenge.

    I say let him have it.

  • Anonymous

    There is a story that will illustrate what a pious Jew Lieberman pretends to be. Lieberman’s Mother once lived very near to a Hospital in Connecticut. It happened to be a Catholic hospital. A nurse would visit Mama Lieberman and she would do all kinds of favors for his Yiddisha Mama. This went on for a long period of time months, perhaps years. One day the hospital had an admission. It was a former high school classmate of Lieberman’s. The two really did not know one another in high school but this person was dying and his last wish was to meet his former classmate, Joe Lieberman. The hospital began to contact the Lieberman camp but without success. Even the president of the hospital attempted to intervene. To no avail. A prominent nun got involved. Still nothing from Lieberman. Now, nobody knows for sure if Lieberman’s assistants even briefed the Senator about this. Then the nurse that had helped Lieberman’s Mother had an idea, why not ask Mom. She did just that. Joe Lieberman’s Mother replied that she could not ask her Son to do personal favors. The classmate died without getting his final wish. It should be noted that in the Orthodox Jewish faith there is no greater good deed a person can perform than to give comfort to the sick.