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Barack Obama Watch: Playing the McCain “CONFUSED” Card


Michael Ramirez on “The Rookie” Barack Obama

Jim Geraghty at National Review has Team Obama returning to play the McCain “Confused Card.”

Let’s play a game of “detect the pattern.”

Barack Obama, appearing on Larry King Live, last night: “Where Senator McCain I think is confused is the difference between tactics and strategy.”

The same day, Joe Biden on a campaign conference call: “As a consequence of their profound confusion [Bush and McCain] make profound mistakes.”

The liberal blog The Carpetbagger Report uses the word “confused” in almost every post about McCain; same deal at ThinkProgress. At AmericaBlog, the words “McCain” and “confused” have appeared together 108 times., hundreds.

Obama surrogate John Kerry, on a conference call June 11: “McCain confuses who Iran is training, he confuses what the makeup of Al Qaeda is, he confuses the history going back to 682 of what has happened to Sunni and Shia,” Kerry said.

Also on that call, Obama adviser Susan Rice cited a “pattern of confusing the basic facts and reality that pertain to Iraq.”

Funny that the RIGHT is not playing the “ROOKIE CARD.”

Oh, it is too obvious, you say?

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