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Much of his convention speech, and the subject of his 1995 memoir “Dreams From My Father,” focused on his diverse family. Born in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961, Obama was the son of a mother from Kansas and a father from Kenya who left to study economics at Harvard, and then returned to Kenya, seeing his son just once afterwards. Obama was raised by his mother’s parents. In 2006, he visited his father’s mother in Kenya

Kos has previously posted a copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate (”certification of live birth”). Flap’s and Geraghty’s questions have been answered or have they?

Today there is this piece, last in a series about document forgery of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. There is a complicated analysis and some just plain weird findings.

But, why doesn’t Team Obama allow the state of Hawaii to release the real deal?

Stay tuned……


Barack Obama Watch: Birth Certificate Posted At Daily Kos

Barack Obama Watch: Release the Birth Certiciate Part 2

Barack Obama Watch: Release the Birth Certificate

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14 Responses to “Barack Obama Watch: Birth Certificate Forgery Flap”
  1. Manchurian Candidate? …….

    For several months now, many Republicans have been questioning why Barack Obama has not released his birth certificate. Well, this week the Daily Kos finally did release a jpg of a purported “Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth” (basically a certificati…

  2. Scott says:

    why isn’t anyone asking for McCain’s certificate. hmmm.

  3. Flap says:

    Did they write them down back then? LOL….

    I believe he already provided one – years ago.

    Why shouldn’t Obama just release Hawaii to provide one?


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  6. john blake says:

    Obama was indeed born in the US, Hawaii being a state but McCain was definetely absolutely not.

    He claims he was born in Coco Solo Naval Air station in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936, but the hospital in Coco Solo was built in 1941, afte he was born. His mother had to be flown to Colon, Republic of Panama to give birth, and that is Panama not the US. thus making him not eligible for the US presidency.

  7. john blake says:

    Not only is McCain not eligible to be president, he is not fit to be. Mentally that is.

  8. john blake says:

    If McCain can’t remember how many houses he has, will he be able to remember important government and national security issues.

    Well there are two scenarios, he is a total liar and he does know how many many many many many houses he has. Or he indeed he does not remember, very very very bad for this country. We need someone who can act quickly and efficiently in times of emergency. Liars and mentally ill persons cannot do that. THINK ABOUT IT.

  9. Flap says:

    Your observations are a reach.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Your full of crap!!!!!!!!

  11. Kunfuzzled says:

    How naive,
    Why would a man release a document that is required world wide for proof of birth to anyone and everyone especially with the technology we have today? The answer to that one is obvious.

    By the way, how old is McDusty again? Why not question McDusty’s graduating from the navel accademy in the bottom 5% of his class. Why not question and post his divorce papers where he claims to not have dated his current wife until after the divorce when the papers he filed for marriage to current woman were filed 9 months before that time. Why not force an honest answer out of McDusty as to why when his model wife stood by his side while he was in Viet Nam, did he after returning home and finding her in a wheelchair do to a car accident, decide that current wife was a better choice along with numerous other unfaithful acts against this same woman. Why not dig more into his volitile character, rants that include bullying of others and demeening people. Why not question his long term vengence against a reporter. Why not blast the world about how his wife stole for her drugs from the children’s organization she worked for and lied about it until it was coming out in print?

    I mean, if we are going to character assasinate, lets do it on both sides. And for goodness sake, lets do it over things that matter!

  12. Larry says:

    I can’t believe how many people have been fooled by the rock star Obama. absolutley no real experience.
    He will increase everybody’s taxes as per his tax plan. Get a copy and find out for yourself. He will put this
    country in the worse depression since the 30’s. He has nothing but socialist plans to redistribute this country’s
    wealth and will eliminate the middle class as we know it. The majority of Americans just don’t have a clue how
    our society works through capitalism. Obama has the least amount of experience of any candadate since this country’s inception. WAKE UP AMERICANS . PULL THE WOOL OFF YOUR EYES AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

  13. The Huge LIE says: <—– THE REAL TRUTH , NO MATTER WHO IS PREZ .

  14. Stacey says:

    So sad that the mases are so stupid and blatantly disrepectful of a war hero. Why is no one worried about having a towel head named HUSSEIN leading our country? Free loaders…move to another country if you want Socialism.

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