Barack Obama,  President 2008

Barack Obama Watch: Change the Plane Can Believe In


Photo Courtesy of National Review

A $300,000 paint job for Obama’s airplane. Now, this is some CHANGE, Flap means COIN. And, if Obama follows John Kerry’s lead he will CHANGE the paint again when he names a Vice President.

Flap is glad Obama has all of those small donors to contribute to his CHANGE.

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  • theDuck6

    Change? Yeah right. He came out of arguably the biggest cesspool in local politics and we are going to get change? From his removal of the flag on the plane’s tail to his leather chair on the plane with President stitched in the back already to the revamped seal on his podium to the million dollar parthenon at his nomination speech…his Clinton crony cabinet appointees and now his miraculous quarantine from the wide reaching corruption surrounding filling his vacated Senate seat.

    Next time someone offers a change you might want to ask him exactly what he has in mind. Maybe we could look into our candidates history harder than we do plumbers and governor’s children.

  • Charter Flights

    Obama’s Charter Flights are no doubt going to be flown in style. However, maybe the money could have best been spent somewhere else where it was really needed…i’m just saying. Change is something we all need to believe in and at least Obama is committed to actually making the changes that we both need and deserve.