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Newt Gingrich Watch: No More Boring White Guys


Governor Sarah Palin
and daughter, Piper, along with Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell, served cake baked by the Alaska Military Youth Academy to Anchorage picnickers

Former GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich offered his advice today to John McCain as to whom he should NOT select as Vice President.

With speculation mounting that John McCain may be close to choosing his running mate, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Wednesday went public with his recommendations for the GOP vice presidential nominee.

First choice: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Runner-up: Alasaka Gov. Sarah Palin.

“What I’m afraid of is that if Sen. McCain picks one more relatively boring, normal, mainstream Republican white guy … he just makes the ticket seem boring compared to the level of energy and drive and excitement that (Democrat Barack) Obama has,” warned Gingrich, himself a silver-haired, middle-aged white politician out of central casting.

Jindal, a 37-year old Indian-American, and Palin, a 44-year-old mother of five, would break the mold and “generate a substantial amount of energy around the McCain campaign,” predicted Gingrich in a podcast for his supporters.

Governor Bobby Jindal said NO today to the Vice Presidency. So, that leaves Alaska’s Sarah Palin.

As you know, Flap has endorsed Sarah Palin for Vice President and would make an excellent selection.

John McCain has the choice – It is NOW or NEVER.

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13 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich Watch: No More Boring White Guys

  1. Good for Newt. McCain is moribound enough. He needs to add zest and excitement to his campaign. Palin is very impressive, but I doubt that she is under serious consideration. Jindal made it clear today that he is out of the running.

    This race is still about Obama. If the voters feel comfortable with him, he will win easily. If not, McCain will limp into the White House; however, not with my vote if Romney is on the ticket.

  2. It is becoming increasingly clear that Sarah Palin may be McCain’s ticket to the White House.

    Pawlenty, Romney or Ridge will lead to defeat.

  3. I hope you are right about Palin. She is also strong on the energy issue, which could be killer for the Democrats.

  4. That is why the left is trumping up some fired Alaska Commissioner BS to try to derail her.

    She would bring the energy issue and working class women voters with her.

  5. McCain/Palin in ’08 would pave the way for the first female President (R) in ’12. Hillary isn’t worthy of licking her hiking boots.:-)

  6. Yes, it would be breaking ground for the GOP and usher in a new generation of politicians.

    If McCain wants to win he should be flying to Alaska tomorrow or Palin should be flying to DC.

  7. No one ever voteed for a presidential candidate because of his VP. McCain is toast because of his positions. Being a pale imitation of a dhimmirat isn’t going to win an election. Even if the opposition is a Marxist.

    Simply put an extrenmeist fringe cretin can’t be beat by someone who can only offer I’ll get you to the same destination but the ride will be better. These cretins don’t understand that bigger government isn’t what most people want.

    Since neither of these two offers any real hope for a better future I’ll vote thrid party as so many of my friends and relatives will be doing.

    I saw my first Obama sticker today. I didn’t know that the gene pool in this area could support an IQ of this sort. You usually have to go to Amherst or the Bay area to find an IQ this low.

  8. Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal are the future of the GOP. Conservatives MAY take a beat this year but there is a future and I don’t mean Romney.

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