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Audra Strickland Watch: Three Protesters File Criminal Complaints Against Chief of Staff Joel Angeles

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Tony Strickland Fundraiser June 17 2008 040

Joel Angeles, California Assemblywoman Audra Strickland’s Chief of Staff during protests of June 17, 2008. Photo By Flap

Remember the Flap, Protest and Aftermath? This is what Flap said at the time – over thirty days ago.

Flap was there and wrote this post after the altercation/protests and the fundraising event for Assemblywoman Audra Strickland’s husband, Tony.

The entire Flap was and continues to be a “He Said, They Said” argument. Flap did not see the supposed “smack down” but did interview one of the female alleged victims. She did have scratches on her right arm which she said she received by being pushed into an adjoining hedge.

But, the hedge had sharp prongs, the sidewalk was filled with people and Flap was easily pushed into it and scratched his own arm.

Ventura County Sheriff officers interviewed all parties and since none of the parties would pursue prosecution or a citizen’s arrest, no arrests were made.

Today, three of the protesters, all of a sudden, marched right down to the Ventura County Sheriff’s station and filed complaints.

Three people who were allegedly “body checked” by a local politician’s top aide at a protest last month say sheriff’s deputies are investigating the incident and criminal charges may be filed.

Thursday afternoon, Sandy Quiring, John Phillips and Louis Pandolfi filed complaints with sheriffs at the East Valley Station in Thousand Oaks against Joel Angeles, chief-of-staff to Assemblymember Audra Strickland.

They maintain that on June 17, Angeles attempted to prevent a peaceful protest against the tobacco industry, using both verbal and physical threats, during a fundraising event for Strickland’s husband, state Senate candidate Tony Strickland.

Audra Strickland (RMoorpark) placed Angeles on an unpaid one-month leave for showing “poor judgement,” according to a written statement from her office. He is to return to work Aug. 3.

Yada Yada Yada

This smells of hardball politics and an attempt to smear California State Senate candidate and former Assemblyman Tony Strickland via his wife’s Chief of Staff, Joel Angeles. As if, either of the Stricklands have control over a grown-up, California State employee on his day off, right?

Who knows if the Ventura County District Attorney will take the case? And, who knows why this trio of protesters waited over 30 days to get their asses down to the Sheriff’s office and file a complaint in the first place.

Maybe it is better timing for the Fall election season?

Ya think?

Tony Strickland Fundraiser June 17 2008 031

GOP and Democrat demonstrators line Westlake Blvd. Photo By Flap


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Barack Obama

Rush Limbaugh on Barack Obama’s Berlin Speech

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Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) arrives to deliver a speech at the Victory Column in Tiergarten Park in Berlin, July 24, 2008

El Rushbo on the Barack Obama Berlin speech today:
Rush Limbaugh accuses Obama of believe that he will single-handedly reverse the damages caused by the US, which is apparently a nation of philistines.

The transcript:

“This is change. But ladies and gentlemen, if you are wondering when you hear Obama talk about change, this is it. The change is: America sucks, America’s deficient, America’s guilty, but America is now willing now to pay the price because we have a Messiah who understands the faults, the egregious errors made by the United States and her people. We are racist, sexists, bigots, homophobes. We discriminate against people who worship differently than we do, have skin color different from ours, and we have not always behaved properly in the world. And we torture. And we, of course, are biased against people who want to get into our country illegally. We have a lot to pay for. Not to mention that we are primarily the country responsible for climate change, shrinking the Atlantic coastline, melting the Arctic ice. This is the change. You want change? This is the change. Now, I think he knew he was on some thin ice.”

Flap thought he had heard this speech before and he HAD. The presentation was excellent, short on substance and will probably mean little in the long run up to the political conventions.

Not too many voters in Berlin, Germany.

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Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani’s Son Sues Duke University’s Over Golf Team

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Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has sued Duke University

Good grief. Hasn’t Duke University had enough problems with their athletic programs?

Also, note that Rudy Giuliani in February of this year had just withdrawn his Presidential candidacy (after the Florida primary on January 29th). Guess the golf coach had no use for Andrew since his father was not going to be President, right?

Stay tuned……..

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