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John McCain Watch: Pawlenty or Romney?


John McCain’s choice for Vice President is a toss-up?

Geraghty says informed sources indicate an announcement soon and it is either Tim Pawlenty or Mitt Romney.

Judging from the activity on the blogs and MSM press it really could go either way. Lobbying activity is heavy for both candidates.

McCain will be well served in making a sooner rather than later announcement.

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6 thoughts on “John McCain Watch: Pawlenty or Romney?

  1. Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified to tackle our country’s economic and fiscal issues: devaluation of the dollar, out-of-control spending, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Mitt has turned around companies (Staples, Home Depot, etc.), the Olympics, and the State of Massachusetts. When you add to that conservative social values, and an exemplary personal and family life – – He’s the best choice for McCain’s Number Two.

    Mitt Romney has the right qualifications (the only one with non-governmental (Bain, Olympics) leadership experience, a deep-seated faith, a vision for this country’s future, and an exemplary personal and family life. He won most of the GOP debates.

    Mitt has the organizational skills to help MCain run a campaign in the general election and run the country. Obama has never even run a lemonade stand. Mitt would appeal to the Independents and some Democrats for his unique qualifications in these times of economic uncertainty

  2. Mitt Romney would be a disaster as VP!!! Furthermore, I am always dubious of “sources or rumors”.

  3. I don’t know much about Pawlenty other than he is the governor of MN. I’ve heard him speak a few times and Pawlenty appears rather dull. McCain is already dull so I don’t see how a dull & duller can take on the Obama / whomever ticket. I also don’t think that Pawlenty would put his own state in play. However, he does seem like a decent conservative and would not be a show stopper for me.

    I’d much rather see Romney with McCain as I think Romney balances out McCain’s positions. Furthermore, Romney can put MI in play and shore up NV and CO for the Republicans. I also think Romney can do a much better job attacking the democrats than what Pawlenty could do.

    I’ll take Pawlenty over Crist or Ridge, but I prefer Romney.

  4. Remember, Pawlenty could’nt bring Minnesota for McCain in the primaries, even after an early endorsement. Romney killed him there, despite not having spent that much money. Some or a few in the religious right need a kick in there teeth and McCain is the man to give it to them, by picking Romney.

  5. Mitt Romney is far and away a more credible and appealing candidate to conservatives. Pawlenty is fine, but he just doesn’t inspire us the way Mitt does. He won many states that will be crucial for McCain to win, including my own state of Colorado. McCain is so unappealing to us due to his liberal record and cantankerous reputation, and other than his stance on the surge, there’s little to commend him to me or my fellow conservatives. Romney’s economic expertise, his more conservative stances on issues key to conservatives, and his willingness to fight back against the liberals will be a huge plus. Given that I’d like to vote FOR someone and not AGAINST (as in Obama), Mitt would give me a solid reason to vote for the Republican ticket. I hope McCain is wise enough to choose Mitt.

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