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Barack Obama Watch: Praying for No Rain in Denver

Pray for rain?

As Flap said before:

Invesco is an open air stadium with no retractable roof. This will make a pretty picture for television as the Democrats will pack the place but if it rains or there are thunderstorms……..August is the fourth highest average rainfall month for Denver.

If it rains, the Democrats will move back inside to the Denver Pepsi Center. And, Flap does not care one way or another. A big stadium camp meeting will reinforce John McCain’s “celebrity” image of Obama.

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  • Richard Quiring

    It is a shame that Focus on the Family doesn’t spend most of its energy on the love and the power of Jesus Christ instead of their hate of politicians they don’t support or change their support of during the political season. If Christ shows the same compassion for Charles Dobson as Charles Dobson does for ministers in the Denver area and targeted politicans, Mr. Dobson’s eternal home may be in jeopardy!!! We have had eight years of a Christian in the White House with the “chosen party” controlling everything for six years. We should currently be living a semi-heaven now even with the intrusion of the political enemies of Charles Dobson the last 18 months!!! Even our CHRISTIAN founding fathers didn’t want one political party to dominate. Even they didn’t prejudge a person’s possible eternal destiny by their political affiliations. There are patriotic, Christian, non-white people who will share eternity with Christ in spite of the undercurrents of the politigelical right,