John Edwards

John Edwards Watch: Still Lying? Part Two

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John Edwards reveals some of his affair’s bombshells

Nobody believes John Edwards convoluted story about his affair with Rielle Hunter. The photo evidence about Edwards continued lying is here.

Now, about the paternity of the child.

Edwards claims the affair ended in 2006, but the National Enquirer is set to report that his trysts with Hunter continued well beyond that and led to the birth of her daughter, Frances Quinn Hunter, last February.

Edwards denies fathering the baby, but Hunter’s younger sister, Melissa Druck, has called on him to fulfill his offer to take a paternity test – something Hunter says she doesn’t want.

“If he would just come forward and tell the whole truth, I think then this would all go away,” Druck told The Post yesterday.

Asked whether Edwards is the daddy, Druck sighed, “I’ve probably said more than I should.”

The only mystery left in this story is why the MSM failed to report the story of Edward’s infidelity for over a year.

Not really……..


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