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Barack Obama Watch: Lipstick on a Pig Flap


While Flap was sequestered in the CBS Studios awaiting the Big Brother 10 Live show, this FLAP broke.

Here is the video:

Obama Smears McCain-Palin As Lipstick On A Pig

The key quote from Barack Obama:

“You can put lipstick on a pig,” he said to an outbreak of laughter, shouts and raucous applause from his audience, clearly drawing a connection to Palin’s joke. “It’s still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still going to stink after eight years.”

Flap is OUTRAGED at Barack Obama calling Sarah Palin a PIG and John McCain an OLD FISH.

Sinking in the polls, Barack Obama and the Democrats are desperate and are now resorting to smears and name calling.

Please don’t try to pass

This comment is calculated bull shit in an ongoing attempt at humorous contempt of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Senator, you are better than this.

Apologize now……

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  • Flap

    Yeah Yeah… usually supports the Left-Wing and MSM.But, even Obama’s distortions proved too much for them and they had to print something to maintain their credibility with the Democrats.

    The piece you linked above has nothing to do with the post.

    Please stay on topic and current. The post is over 4 days old.

  • sassinfras

    it is so plain and obvious he was talking about g.w bushs policies compared to john mccain policies. why then did barbra walters and whoopie goldburg of the ‘view’ give john mccain a hard time and the women ordience’ bood ‘ j mccain about this very topic. suppose they are wacko liberals who show don’t represent women. come on ,its carl rove politics of distraction,as said in #1.
    obama is still as popular as ever, just look at the money he has raised[record amounts].he will win in a landslide. and i bet the closer the election the greater the smear campain against obama. from my point ,everything the GOP has done,from stealings obamas ‘change’ theme, to having a women VP and the distaction and false accusation against obama makes the GOP look desperate.

  • Flap

    The polls say the election is very close and Barack has fallen in key battleground states. Sorry no landslide.

    Sas, you never answered my question on another post. Do you live outside of Sydney NSW?

  • sassinfras

    why do you wish to know. is it to bomb me into submission too[ha ha].
    i live in outback australia [about 10hrs drive from harbour bridge].and yes english is a second language thou i’ve nearly forgotten the first[been 35years since using it].come from european parents who migrated after WW2. modern middle east history is a passion to me cause there is so much B.S. written about it,esp lately. does that answer your question.
    never mind what the polls say.polls are easily manipulated by asking trick questions.follow the money cause thats a better indicator. and i’ll bet you obama wins in a landslide and mccain will regret picking palin as a VP[joe lieberman was a far better choice]. my crystal ball says mccain/palin are in for a rough ride in the next month.they will be on the defensive. that my personal view anyway.

  • Flap

    10 hours drive?

    Your ip address, my friend, puts you in Chatswood, suburban Sydney. This is not an outback area.

    Try again. Your credibility is strained.

  • sassinfras

    i know where i live and its not chatswood. i have satellite t.v[foxtel , i can not get any other] and satellite broadband.
    chatswood has all the big antennas thou and that might have something to do with it. no way i’m going to tell you exactly where i live except its along way from sydney. grew up bondi beach and hate the rat race of a big city. now i have quiet life in the bush.

  • sassinfras

    obviously your geography is as poor as my spelling.any futher and i’m in the desert. i’m surrounded by bush[national park] ,with kangeroos hoping mad. sometimes don’t get see another car for a the internet to keep touch with familiy and friend cause its 20miles to letter box.go shopping once a month sometimes twice.that doesn’t sound like the city to me. you can only drive a 4WD cause of the poor dirt road[tracks]. but hey according to you that not exactly the bush. well tell me what is ,cause i’ve been living in a city then which really looks like the bush.
    whats the interest in where i live. now who’s straying off topic. and if you want to talk about credibility ,yours was shot the second i read the rubbish on iran. but i will educate you on the real facts and not the standard propoganda originating from israel.

  • Flap

    Well, that is not where the GPS coordinates of where your posts originate.

    500 miles from Sydney in the desert? Please educate me about that.

  • sassinfras

    if i don’t live in bush ,then all those kangeroos then must be cars ,the dirt track must be the highway,all the birds must be planes and all those trees must be skyscapers.

  • sassinfras

    sorry mate not going to educate you on where i live. thats my business and really has nothing to do with you or what this website is about. don’t want your CIA or mossad buddies getting lost and eaten by croc when you send them.