Sarah Palin Watch: Pakistan and Gotcha Journalism

Katie Couric interviews Governor Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain

Sarah Palin is more relaxed in this interview with Katie Couric and Flap believes more herself. But, she appears somewhat tentative (is she nervous or afraid to make a mistake?) and looks to McCain for approval of some of her statements. McCain really needs to let her go.

Allah mentions that there are some interview missteps that are in the can and ready to hit later in the week. My God, are we running for Vice President or the Messiah (sorry that one is taken)? CBS should release the whole interview unedited now and let the viewers decide.

If Governor Palin cannot answer a question or is afraid to express an opinion then she shouldn’t be elected Vice President. However, if you are quizzing her with the intent to purposely cross her up, then what the hell kind of journalism is that?

Oh, Flap knows. The left-wing AGENDA dominated MSM.

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