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The Nancy Pelosi Videos of the Day

Speaker Nancy Pelosi – Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, Part 1

Part Two

Republican Representative Mike Pence of Indiana’s statement.

“Today Congress took a stand for the American taxpayer and free markets. The American people rejected this corporate bailout and today the People’s House did likewise.

“It is now imperative that Congress come together and develop a response to the crisis facing our financial markets that reflects the American people’s belief in personal responsibility and fiscal discipline.

“There are alternatives to the massive federal bailout that Congress rejected. I look forward to working with my colleagues in both parties to develop a response to this crisis that puts taxpayers first and preserves the essential freedom of the American marketplace.”

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2 thoughts on “The Nancy Pelosi Videos of the Day

  1. That was her speech to forward the bailout??!! What is she on?
    She has more venom then the offspring of a rattlesnake and a diamond back.
    She WANTED to kill the bailout and accomplished her feat. Bravo!

  2. She Saved The Country From A Major Disaster That Bailout Would Have Turned To Pennies In Days If You Can’t See That It’s A Good Thing You’re Not In Power

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