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Jerome Corsi, Obama Crtic, Detained in Kenya


Why is Obama Nation author, Jerome Corsi being detained in Kenya?

The government of Kenya is holding WND senior staff reporter Jerome Corsi in custody at immigration headquarters after police picked him up at his hotel just prior to a scheduled news conference in which he planned to announce the findings of his investigation into Barack Obama’s connections in the country.

Corsi, the author of the No. 1 best-selling book “The Obama Nation,” was picked up by authorities at his hotel at 9:45 a.m. and is being detained at Nyayo House, the provincial headquarters for Nairobi.

“Just as we were about to start the 10 a.m. press conference at the Grand Regency Hotel in Nairobi, Kenyan immigration approached us and detained us,” Corsi told WND by telephone this morning. “Tim Bueler, my publicist, and I are now in the immigration offices, with our passports taken. The immigration officer told the press, ‘There is no problem, and Dr. Corsi is a friend of Kenya.'”

Sounds to Flap like typical third world BS used to persuade someone to tread lightly and watch your step – or else.

But, what is Corsi set to reveal about Barack Obama, thirty days before the Presidential election that involves Kenya?

Obama has already paid off American relatives (wife Michelle’s cousin) with earmarks. Now, foreign largess?

Stay tuned……

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  • Lipstick Mommy

    I guess this is another “politics as usual” ploy so Corsi does expose more truths about Mr. Obama. Why is Barack so afraid of the truth? What is he hiding now? America, WAKE UP!!!!!!!! Barack Obama is tied to so many terrorist groups, foreign government officials and many with very shady reputations. If you want to live in a communists country with a dictator telling you how it is going to be, then I guess you will vote for Obama. Our ancestors fought for our freedoms and for this great country. Our young patriots are in the Middle East fighting for those same freedoms and for our future generations to come. What would Martin Luther King have to say about all of this? He was smart and he did things honestly. Barack Obama is a disgrace to the African-American community and to this country. I am a proud American. I support all patriots and people of all ethnic backgrounds. I do not support dishonest crooks who want to dictate my daily life and choices. This poor man trying to expose the truth is being held and I know Mr. Obama and his slim balls have their fingerprints all over this. Show your support for Mr. Corsi. He just wants our country to be informed and sve us all from tragedy.

    Lipstick Mom in Arizona

  • sassinfras

    corsi was detained briefly for not having a work permit and then deported.
    corsi doesn’t have much creditbility with all the crap in his book . he’ll most probally make some allegations up or twist the facts to discredit obama . and flap your comment about ‘ typical third world BS…….your step-or else’. now thats the pot calling the kettle black.

  • raktoboasak

    The redneck should no better trying to be racist in black africa,they should have put his ass in cell with angry black people and see what would have happened to him in a few hours

  • alibi

    i am tired of people looking the other way about all the people in Mr. Obama’s past. Doesn’t anybody remember how we felt when 9-11 happened, or the first bombing of the world trade center, ot the federal building in Oaklahoma City, the marine barracks or any number of events that have angered us so much that we wanted blood. we wanted to see the criminals dead. and now we sit and thing it is ok for the potential next leader of our country and freedom to be “friendly” (mr. Obama’s words not mine) with Mr. Aires. a known terrorist. i might be somewhat forgiving if Mr. Aires wanted forgiveness. he is not sorry for what he did. Listen people he killed Americans! Again KILLED AMERICANS AND IS NOT SORRY! on top of that he is friends with so many people that have feelings for this country that are not honorable. (i.e. Rev. Write, Mr. Faracon, ACORN, and the list goes on) i was in the military and fought to protect our freedoms. the freedoms that allow you to vote for Mr. Obama, however i plead with you, not to throw away all that i and millions have fought and many died for, by voting for Mr. Obama.

  • sassinfras

    ailibi. its your foreign policies which have made the radical element which have terrorised the USA. foreign policies which mccain still supports and obama wants to change[ for the better]. the USA reputation around the world is mud. when g.w .bush sent your army into a illegal war in iraq ,he too is responsible for killing americans. bush iraq policies created the radical element in iraq .iraq was a sworn enemy of these radicals until 2003. now iraq is crawling with this radical element hell bent on USA distruction. if ayers is so dangerous why is he allowed to teach your children and help shape their minds.
    your right many people have died but it hasn’t been for your freedom. its been to protect and help corporate america. america has fought against democracy,esp in south america, and help create right wing dictators all across the globe., from pinochete in chilli to the the shah of iran. in the last debate mccain supported creating a right wing dictator in afganistan.
    the enemies USA have today is self created and is ‘blowback’ from past foreign policies. to continue down this road will spell doom for the USA. osama bin laden stategy was to create so much trouble and drag the USA in so many wars that it would bankrupt the USA. i wouldn’t be surprised if he is claiming some sort of victory in this war on terror. the only way to make the USA safe is through unresticted negotations without preconditions. the war on terror can only be won politically ,not use the military. policies obama supports.

  • meddian

    lets see: Barry is what he went by until 1991: his two roomates:Muhammad Hasan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid are
    now his campaign leaders; Valerie Jarrett, is a Syrian IRAN his Chief Advisor (use to work for Michelle Obama) Robert Malley advisor to Obama and had communications with Hamas (he was sacked); Al-Monsour funded his harvard degree;he suppots his Cousin who is destroying Christians in Kenya;he has his own flag;he is caught reading “Post-American World-muslim view point-his team fo the whitehouse is majoity Islamics from NOI. Don’t beleive me check it out yourself. Why did he change his name? why did he associate with ACORN, gee he developed it;he took money from FM/FM. This evil amn wants to rule America like Hitler did in Germany, and Stalin, he is a marxist, let the government un everything, and I will be the dictator. Geoge Sorus bought the democratic party. So my friends if they release Jerome Corsi, I’m sure he will tell American that Obooma, Barry was born in Kenya, that he has daily conversations with the geniode leader who also wants CHANGE: shari law. His bithcertificate was forged. Where is the doctor? She flew to Hawaii afte he was born, and his alcholic father with two irn legs wasn’t divorced from his other 2 wives. I can hardley wait for t his guy to tell us what he found out about t his scum.