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The Story is BS – McCain Supporter Ashley Todd Attacked and Mutilated in Pittsburgh

Fox News is reporting that Pittsburgh police are saying the story is BS. AP has this.

Yeah, Flap was skeptical.


She made up the story. WTF?

Police sources tell KDKA that a campaign worker has now confessed to making up a story that a mugger attacked her and cut the letter “B” in her face after seeing her McCain bumper sticker.

Ashley Todd, 20, of Texas, initially told police that she was robbed at an ATM in Bloomfield and that the suspect became enraged and started beating her after seeing her GOP sticker on her car.

Police investigating the alleged attack, however, began to notice some inconsistencies in her story and administered a polygraph test.

Authorities, however, declined to release the results of that test.

Investigators did say that they received photos from the ATM machine and “the photographs were verified as not being the victim making the transaction.”

This afternoon, a Pittsburgh police commander told KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin that Todd confessed to making up the story.

Didn’t Flap tell ya…..

Yeah and she cut the “B” into her own cheek.

A McCain-Palin campaign volunteer who claimed she was robbed and cut by a supporter of Sen. Barack Obama has confessed to making up the story, police sources told the Tribune-Review.

Ashley Todd, 20, of College Station, Texas, is expected to be charged with filing a false police report and may face additional charges, investigators said. She told detectives she etched a backward letter “B” onto her right cheek and then manufactured a story about being attacked at a Bloomfield ATM by a black man who was enranged by her John McCain bumper sticker.

Detectives are continuing to question Todd at police headquarters. They are expected to release additional information later this afternoon.

Mental evaluation and then some time in the clink for this girl.

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7 thoughts on “The Story is BS – McCain Supporter Ashley Todd Attacked and Mutilated in Pittsburgh

  1. I just hope that the b leaves a scar. A backwards “B”? How stupid do you have to be to not realize that the b you are putting on in the mirror might be backwards? Will John and Sarah call to see how she’s doing now? Too bad the story did not last another day. She could have been on Hannity or O’Reilly and might have been invited to a McCain rally with Joe, oops I mean Sam, the Plumber, oops I mean plumber’s helper.

  2. Obama supporters shouldn’t be too cocky about this episode. The girl was a fruitcake, no doubt, but the matter raises doubts about the rabid nature of Obama supporters. Could turn off independents and some white voters if you blame the girl. In fact, I hope this incident remains in the media for another couple of days.

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