Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin HANGED in West Hollywood

A mannequin hanging from a home in West Hollywood has been outfitted to look like Governor Sarah Palin.

The tolerant Gay LEFT community on display in West Hollywood, California.

Sarah Palin is not considered to be a friend of the gay community, but the Republican vice presidential candidate seems to be looming over the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival.

First, a rumor got started that city officials were going to ban Sarah Palin drag queens at its upcoming costumed street party, which draws some 500,000 people annually.

The rumor turned out to be false, but tonight comes word that a mannequin has been outfitted to look like Palin — with glasses, a beehive wig and a red business suit — and is hanging from a noose outside a WeHo residence.

The display also depicts a devilish John McCain emerging from flames.

Real class……..



Can you imagine if they hanged Barack Obama in effigy?

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8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin HANGED in West Hollywood

  1. This is in very bad taste. If you are not a fan of Sarah Palin, I recommend ignoring her existence entirely. Not only is this lame attempt at a joke in poor taste — and not only in light of reported Obama effigies ,most recently at a Christian university in Oregon — but acknowledging Palin in such an extreme way (or any way) only gives her more credibility / recognition.

  2. Both sides have been awful with this campaign. It is people like this that have hate for either side that have something wrong in their brains and they shouldn’t be able to vote. We need to look for common likes and grow on that, not fuel hatred. That disgusts me.

  3. This doesn’t surprise me. The way the left torrments gov palin every week on snl/the obama network is proof positive how the mainstream mania media is so far in the tank 4 nobama

  4. Guess what West Hollywood…I’m a California voter and get to vote on who gets to marry. Actually your “artistic” ability had nothing to do with my vote…just reaffirms it …Laugh now….so much for very poor taste…lets see you be really “artistic” …..try it with an Obama effigy….see how tolerant everyone is.

  5. Not to condone the Palin thing, but…

    Can you imagine if they hung Obama in effigy? You betcha.

    Can you imagine if they shot a bear cub in the head, and taped Obama yard signs to it? Hmmm…

    The thing is, the reactionary white supremacists on the right are planning real violence.

    You know that the only danger the West Hollywood crew poses is as fashion critics of the $150k wardrobe.

    Malkin is a really lousy source for “fair and balanced” news, Sir Flap.

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