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The State of the Race For 2008 – Obama Wins Presidency

Political graphic from Electoral-Vote.Com

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois was elected 44th President of the United States in yesterday’s election. For complete state by state election results go over to Electoral-Vote.Com and place your cursor on each state.

Democrat state pickups from the 2004 Presidential election are:

  • Colorado 53-45 (Obama-McCain)
  • Florida 51-49
  • Indiana 50-49
  • Nevada 56-42
  • New Mexico 57-42
  • North Carolina 50-49
  • Ohio 51-48
  • Virginia 52-48

The final Electoral College Vote will be: Obama 364 – McCain 163  – Missouri’s 11 EV’s undecided

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26 thoughts on “The State of the Race For 2008 – Obama Wins Presidency

  1. It’s an understatement to say just how much Obama has accomplished in this race. He has the potential to be an exceptional president, I just hope he stays true to his ideology over the course of the next four years.

    Mikes last blog post..Good Night Eileen

  2. it is exceptional he did all this in a short political career. just hope he isn’t assasinated by a right wing loon.
    i think his first job should be to encourage americians to seek a wider education from multiple sources to breakdown the insular thinking in many communities and to catch up to the rest of the world.something needs to be done to combat the apathy in some parts of america.

  3. He will really shine in foreign policy, his true calling, unlike the loathesome BushyMcChimpyHitlerburton has done by invading sovereign countries for OIL. When Ahwannajihad threatens the Western World with nukes, we shall see the Second Coming of Jimmah Cahtuh in ‘The One’. I guess I truly am just a hick hayseed after all because I just cannot see any glory in Marxism, appeasement, or redistribution of my wealth to others that refuse to earn their own.

  4. Yes, something needs to be done about voter apathy in the US. The reort is that Republicans turn out was lower this year. Had more shown up at the polls we might have had a different outcome. As for the reeducation of American, when would you have it move from ‘should’ to ‘shall’? And would there be a government approved test to verify the new required learning? Just checking….

  5. conservatism is now dead and buried.
    voters soundly rejected the conservatives’ single minded focus on low taxes and small government. and having elected obama , the US people will demand big economic changes.with luck, he will quickly appoint a team of experienced officials who understand that free enterprise is perfectly compatible with regulation, a moderately redistributive tax system and a stronger social safety net than americans now enjoy.
    it is irrelevant whether the new policies are discribed as centre -right or centre-left. what matters is whether they work -first by stabilising the financial system and then by averting the threat of recession.
    the most urgent task of all is to replace the bush administrations economic team, whose dogmatism and incompetence were largely responsible for the nations financial collapse.

  6. Oh, man, the smoke is blowin’ TONIGHT!!!! You still haven’t figured out how it is that conservatives create wealth and you expect us to swallow this drivel you’re peddlin’? BAWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

  7. the conservatives had eight years to prove themselves and all they proved was that conservatism or reaganomic or really freidmanism doesn’t work. look at what has happened in america in the last eight years. the average american is worse off now than when the democrats were in power last.the middle class is suffering ,whole sections of the population have been totally forgotten and left to rot, the financial system is in meltdown, housing has fallen and the US government has to issue treasury bonds so the arabs and chinese will help finance america cause america is broke. this all happened because of a conservative free speading government- the worst financial disaster since the great depression. and you still keep on parroting ‘only conservatives create wealth’. where is the wealth?
    you most probably think the fundermentals of the US economy is still ok..

  8. Here’s a teaser for you: If liberals can create wealth as readily as conservatives, and do it more efficiently because of their superior intellect, then why do they want to tax the conservatives into oblivion? Why not create all the wealth they need for their social programmes and completely ignore the ignorant gun-clinging, Bible-hugging conservative sector of the population as they wouldn’t be needed anyway?

  9. the conservative do not create wealth ,really they create debt. reagan and bush borrowed huge sums of capital from japan,china and the arabs. where do you get this dogmatic statement ‘that conservatives only create wealth’. americas highest period of economic growth was during the clinton years. here a link which will explain it all.
    you must live in that patriotic part of america.

  10. I think that no matter who was elected for president, he would be better than Bush. But yet, do you think that Obama will take the troops out of Iraq? I mean.. there is a lot on a stake there and there are people with interests behind him, that could just not let him to. Are there any mechanisms to make the president do whatever he has promised?

  11. People with interests? The reason the US invaded Iraq was to disarm Saddam Hussein. For twelve years he had thumbed his nose at the world in defiance of the UN mandate for him to come clean on his WMD programs which Saddam had agreed to do under the ceasefire agreement after the first Gulf war. After September 11, 2001, the US could no longer allow Saddam to drag his feet. We refused to allow him to pass off some WMD to a jihadi bent on martyrdom and wreak havoc on an American city. No, Obama has a very long way to go to ever be as good as Bush. Bush protected the American people. Obama wishes to fleece the American taxpayer in the name of ‘social justice’. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

  12. pity there was no WMD program.
    saddam hussien was the jihadis biggest enemy so that argument is no good.
    iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
    iraq wasn’t ever a threat to USA.
    and after a decade of US sponsered sanctions the people of iraq were dying with over 500 000 dead children. but hey, its only arab muslims so who gives a damn.
    the disaster has already happened and it was in the form of a conservative government under that war criminal g.w.bush ,who illegally invaded iraq and wrecked the US economy simutaniously.
    the only good thing bush ever did was to get the electorate so fed up and desperate that a blackman could become president. now that’s a accomplishment. also destroying the neoconservatives could be also called a accomplishment. onya george.w..

  13. >pity there was no WMD program.

    Saddam could have saved his neck if he had just complied with the UN mandate, yes? Had he done that he could have remained in power and continued to run folks feet first through the wood chipper. I assume you read of the 600 tonnes of yellowcake found at Al Tuwitha that was recently moved to Canada for processing into nuclear fuel?

    >iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

    We know that but 9/11 sure as hell had something to do with us going into Iraq.

    >iraq wasn’t ever a threat to USA.

    Iraq was a signatory, as was the United States, to a ceasefire to suspend hostilities after the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t recall anything from Iraq that said ‘We have no quarrel with the United States so don’t shoot us.’ As for the sanctions imposed by the ‘world community’, France was doing deals through the back door with Saddam that lined their pockets, as were the Russkies. Why is it that you don’t harp about the inhumanity of those two states toward the Iraqi peoples? Oh, silly me! I forgot: It’s Bush’s fault!

    How long before The One decrees prosperity throughout the land? And who will pay for that? The liberal hordes who swept Him into power or the conservatives who actually maintain employment and pay taxes? libs can’t create wealth because they are too busy being parasites sucking the life out of conservatives through taxation ‘to spread the wealth around’. You truly are a DENSE one! BAWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  14. the iraq war was illegal according to international law. the UN voted against war so america made the ‘coilition of the willing’ with silly statements like ‘your either with us or against us’. and in the end saddam did give the UN inspectors access to all of iraq,but the demands by america changed like the wind, to regime change. nothing was going to stop the american invasion. that is obvious.
    9/11 was the opportunity for a bunch of neoconservative wackos to try and reshape the middle east to achieve 2 main goals 1. oil, oil and oil. 2. secure israel in its quest for greater israel.
    most of the people envolved in invading iraq were right wing jews who are devoteed more to israel than america in my opinion .people like rummsfield,cheney,wolfowitzs,fieth,perle,etc,etc. it is all laid out in the clean break paper written in 1996.
    the UN sanction sponsered by america was meant to keep WMD from saddam and in the end america still invaded because saddam sopposingly acquired them . so 500 000 children died for nothing.the sanction really were designed to make the people of iraq suffer so they would rebell and overthrow saddam. but when your hungry you do not care who your leaders are when your worried about that nights food.when after 12 years of sanction, which didn’t hurt saddam at all, america finally had to do the job itself.
    because iraq did not state that they had no quarrel with the US , it was ok to invade. listen to yourself. 99.999999%of the world are in the same boat then.the rest of yor statments about france,etc i can not understand.
    please explain this ‘only conservative create wealth’ dogma to me .what do you mean by wealth. and is it only conservative have wealth so they are the only ones who pay tax and the liberals are welfare types.

  15. >the iraq war was illegal according to international law.

    Please quote the statute the US violated in this instance.

    >the UN voted against war so america made the ‘coilition of the willing’ with silly statements like ‘your either with us or against us’.

    Yes, it’s called self defense, a concept foreign and alien to weak minded liberals who thrive on ‘Kumbayah’.

    >and in the end saddam did give the UN inspectors access to all of iraq,but the demands by america changed like the wind, to regime change. nothing was going to stop the american invasion. that is obvious.

    You are full of really stinky stuff. It must surely give you a headache.

    >9/11 was the opportunity for a bunch of neoconservative wackos to try and reshape the middle east to achieve 2 main goals 1. oil, oil and oil. 2. secure israel in its quest for greater israel.

    Where is all the oil we got? Oh, wait! Iraq kept its own property from the eville AmeriKKKans. Israel should be secure. After all, by your logic, since the UN voted Israel into existence, it must remain a sovereign state. International law and such. You are really a dumbass.

    I’ll make it real easy for you about wealth creation: Conservatives perform work that creates items of value. liberals are parasites of that work. Got that now, mr. geen-y-uss?

  16. is your evidence on international law.
    2. iraq was not a threat to USA. it all about oil.
    3.the stinky stuff must have clogged your brain.
    4. the UN created israel we all know. but israel has defied the UN more than any other country ,over 700 time. but the key UN resolution israel has defied are the ones about the right of return for palestinian refugees and withdrawing from all arab land, resolutions 242 and 338. israel has stolen more land than the UN mandated. what is happening in the occupied territories is ethnic cleansing, pure and simple ,which america supports.
    3. democrats like warren buffet,kennedy family, oprah, spielburg are all bluggers sponging from the all creating conservatives???????. so 52% of the country which voted for the democrats must be parasites living of welfare.

  17. I didn’t ask for evidence. I asked for a statute which you cannot provide. I doubt you comprehend the term ‘statute’ and I shall not waste my time educating you.

    Under The One’s Plan for Prosperity in AmeriKKKa, Buffet, the Kennedys, et al., may be required to forfeit their wealth as one can get by quite well on $250K in the States. It’s for the children, you know.

  18. babsy there is no point in further dialogue because you have these dogmatic views and attitude which are going in circles. the statute was in the link i provided ,all you had to do was press on a link.
    the only thing i can say is -‘argumentum ad hominum’.
    your argument is as good as my spelling.
    bye babsy and don’t forget to put $10 in the collection plate to ease your greedy nature.

  19. I never cease to be amazed that liberals will give Saddam a pass for sticking people feet and head first into a wood chipper. I clicked on the link. What I read was OPINION. In order for something to be ILLEGAL there must be a STATUTE that identifies the behaviour in question and proscribes a PENALTY for commiting the OFFENSE. The invasion of Iraq, however much you disliked it and wish to spin it into a ‘war crime’, was not. People, in this country, when brought to trial, have been indicted by a grand jury which has decided there is enough evidence to bind the individual over for trial. The UN does NOT make international law. International law is made by treaties between countries. Now you show me the treaty that says the US commited an ‘illegal act’ in invading Iraq. You are as dumb as a brick. Why? Because as a libtard, facts don’t matter. Feelings reign supreme. Feelings: A great way to run a country, eh? There are already columns written in this country that predict The One will be a one term president just like the worst President ever, James Earl Carter.

    the USA broke international law in going to war without UN approval , the treatment of prisoners and the murder of innocent civilians termed collateral damage.
    the lanuage of war you believe in is on par with bin ladens language and will only create more hatred for the US. george bush has been the best recruiting sargent al qaeda ever had. bin laden must be laughing his head off the way the bush administration has behaved. bin laden is more popular than ever in the arab world and the USA is hated worldwide.

  21. doesn’t it concern you flap that obamas chief of staff rahm emanuel holds duel citizenship with israel. how is it legal that a person who is also a citizen of another country can hold such a important post. wouldn’t there be a conflict of interest and doesn’t it concern you that sensitive material may be be pasted on to israel which will be manipulated against US interests.
    in the past the FBI has broken up israeli spy rings working against US interest. i could imagine the unrest if emanuel held dual citizenship of a arab country. it truely amazes me this could happen given israel past of spying against the US.

  22. I’m not Flap and neither did I stay at a Holiday Inn last night BUT, ‘The ONE’ has yet to make public his birth record. We don’t know if he’s a US citizen as his mother may have given up his US citizenship in order for him to attend school in Indonesia or if he has dual citizenship. What we do know of him is his outstanding record of achievement as a community organiser. By the way, you wouldn’t know when John Kerry is going to release all his military service records, do you? he was going to do that after he lost to McChimpyHitlerBurton in ’04. Just checking…..

  23. Obama’s victory, along with Democratic gains in congressional contests, puts his party in firm control of the federal government for the first time since the early 1990s. That gives Obama an opportunity to turn his victory into a pivotal moment in the country’s political history.
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