Tom McClintock

Tom McClintock’s Lead Expands in California Congressional District 4

Tom McClintock and yes on 8

State Sen. Tom McClintock, R-Thousand Oaks, a candidate for the 4th Congressional district, spoke in favor of Proposition 8 at rally at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008.

Updated vote tallies (as of last night) have expanded California State Senator Tom McClintock’s lead in California’s 4th Congressional district to 1,283 votes.

Our lead has now widened to 1,283 votes out of 326,395 counted, or 0.39 percent.  We are now taking 50.20 percent of the votes counted and need 48.49 percent of the remaining 42,500 ballots.

Nevada County reported 1,950 additional votes today, of which we received 45.79 percent – well above the 42.52 we had on Election Day.  This loss was more than offset when Sacramento County reported 491 additional ballots counted, of which we received 54.17 percent of the vote (up from 53.10 on election day); and El Dorado County processed an additional 5,573 ballots, of which we received 52.79 percent (up from 50.34 on election day).

Team McClintock estimates there are 8,600 ballots remaining to be counted in counties where McClintock’s opponent, Charlie Brown, has had the lead and 33,900 ballots remaining from counties where McClintock leads.

Better to be ahead than behind…..

Stay tuned……

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