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Shocker Poll: Most Voters Say Leave MY Health Insurance Alone

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Not really a shock, is this Rasmussen poll?

Health care reform is near the top of the list for incoming President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats, but a majority of U.S. voters (58%) oppose any kind of government-controlled health plan if it means they have to change their own insurance coverage.

Twenty-five percent (25%) say they would support such a plan even if they had to change their own coverage, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Sixteen percent (16%) are undecided.

With all of the bailouts and increased spending planned by the Obama Administration, does anyone really expect universal healthcare?

No, we don’t and thank goodness.


  • Adam Alter

    I can tell you after being in the military (Marines) and seeing their version of government controlled healthcare I want nothing to do with it! You had no choice over anything and the person that worked on you was what you got whether they cared for your well being or not. While it was efficient out in the field, not on base when it came to routine checkups and common illnesses. Everyone waited in line to get handed a bottle of Motrin. To see a specialist in your problem area (if there happen to be one on your base), you had better be on your deathbed.

  • Jim

    Ya Adam:

    Like you say, it is much better if corporations run health care programs. After all they will never deny health care coverage just to save cost. That would be wrong! US corporations never do things wrong just to save money. I fully trust a total stranger with deciding whether or not I get my health care covered by my insurance. Even though a politician must have my vote to keep his job, I’m sure a case reviewer who gets a bonus for saving money, will still decide to cover my health care bills. Ya that makes real sense Adam Alter