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Harry Reid Cites BOGUS “Legal Authority” to Bar Roland Burris from Obama’s Senate Seat

Harry Reid on Meet The Press

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D- Nevada on today’s Meet The Press

Harr Reid may be an “ol’ trial lawyer” but his legal authority is flawed and will be tested in the courts should he have the BALLS to bar Roland Burris from taking his rightfully appointed U.S. Senate seat this week.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Sunday that “legal authority” exists under the Constitution to bar embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s pick to fill President-elect Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat, but added there is also room to negotiate.

Under the Constitution, Reid said, “We determine who sits in the Senate. And the House (of Representatives) determines who sits in the House. So there’s clearly legal authority for us to do whatever we want to do. This goes back for generations.”

There will be a DEAL and the Democrats are working a way to pay off Burris with some sort of gratuity. They are probably hamstrung, howerver, because of Patrick Fitzgerald and his ubiquitous microphones. And, Hot Rod plus his cronies in Chicago would love to work a deal for his own skin.

The GOP can only hope for Burris to be barred from the Senate floor in a game of chicken with Reid. What a perfect storm for the Republican Party.

Stay tuned……

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  • RWMelton

    I don’t care if Blagojavich hasn’t been charged w/ a Crime yet. And feeling like he is doing his job to appoint whoever he wants. Well Congress has a job too. With the power to reject anyone appointed by the Governor. And Blagojavich is so hard headed too. He’s intended to do just as he please, despite all warnings that Harry Reid has earlier made, for him to not appoint anyone. You know what I mean? And it seems like Roland Burris is just as bad. He not only knows that he shouldn’t have accepted the position. But acts like some goose on the loose, who is destined to continue to fight the issues, no matter what. I wouldn’ t trust him as Senator under no circumstances. We’ve dealt w/ enough Corruption and Cronism in this World.

    Lets share a note w/ each other and not have anymore deliberate pain and sorrow in this World. You know what I mean? And keep our minds focused toward the next 8 years ahead. This is a wake up call, and a premonition against the bad people that are trying to converge w/ Blagojavich and Roland Burris. We don’t need no more of them kind.

  • Ling

    Senate’s probably headed for a stalemate, with the Republicans blocking Franken, and the Democrats blocking Burris. So, the question is, does Reid want Franken in bad enough that he’s willing to lose the Illinois seat in 2 years?