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Video: David Shuster of MSNBC Smacks Down Sarah Palin as Clearly Unqualified

David Shuster of MSDNC (MSNBC) Vs. John Ziegler on Sarah Palin’s complaints about media bias

Flap thinks Sarah Palin’s latest foray into the biased media world borders on whining. Nobody likes a whining POL.

Time for the Alaska Governor to concentrate on the future and policy issues rather than the “poor ol’ me” routine.

She is better than this John Ziegler exploitation moment and besides there are plenty of surrogates who can bash Shuster, Matthews and Olbermann over at MSDNC. Remember Shuster’s glee at the Palin Thanksgiving Turkey pardon-slaughter news conference?

Enjoy the clip above anyway.

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One thought on “Video: David Shuster of MSNBC Smacks Down Sarah Palin as Clearly Unqualified

  1. Has Shuster ever met Palin? Has he studied her record of governoring Alaska? Or has he lived off soundbites and the bloggers hateful rhetoric? I noticed he has been suspended for opening mouth and inserting foot where Chelsea Clinton is concerned and on and on.
    I wonder if he might be a bit biased against Christians. I wonder if he is trying to fit in to the general left wing anchor impressions. I don’t think he has any class. He’s a parrot.
    My advice to David is “Study to show yourself approved.” It’s easy to be a bully, but many are out here laughing at you, not with you.
    Sarah Palin has more class and kindness in her little finger than you have in your whole body. What a jerk you are.

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