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Olbermann and Matthews are BACK Anchoring Presidential Politics – Take Their Last Shots at Bush

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann take their last shots RANTS at President Bush

The dynamic LEFT duo of Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are back anchoring Presidential politics for MSNBC. As you remember, they were removed last summer after criticism of media bias.

Within a couple minutes of President Bush’s farewell speech, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann asked, “Am I wrong that the only thing missing tonight was another ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner?”

Chris Matthews, shortly after, said that Bush “got to be president because of his father.”

Both MSNBC stars took heat from conservative critics during the campaign for their analysis of news events — such as election nights or conventions. Toward the end of the campaign, MSNBC removed the Olbermann-Matthews duo from anchoring due to such criticism and staff tension (both on camera and off). 

Looking at the latest television ratings, MSNBC will not be doing themselves any favors by unleashing these two and Rachel Maddow.

But, third place in the news ratings is not all that bad, now is it?

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