links for 2009-01-17

  • We asked you to come up with the opening of a romance novel starring Sarah Palin and thus we heard a lot about: moose. Moose about to be shot, about to attack, about to be dressed. Even one memorable moose who remained resolutely undressed, his big brown eyes silently begging the bewitching huntress: “Jump on my back, grab hold of my antlers, and we’ll ride off into the frozen tundra together.” Or so wrote Steve Rogers of L.A.
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  • That had consequences for the recount and the subsequent canvass. Where it becomes difficult for judges is in trying to reconciling disparate totals – how do they fix it? Do they add votes? Take them away? The judges will probably avoid this particular route. If you get into this margin where judges have to take away or add votes – artificializing the vote count in the mind of the public – then the clamor for a whole new election will increase. Actually, if Coleman begins to make up the 225 difference, Democrats might be the ones calling for a new election.
  • It's been noted that Bernard Madoff gave generously — $102,000 — to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, which made noises about returning the money, but doesn't seem to have done so.

    Another DSCC donor in the dock today: Smaller-scale, but still impressive, alleged Ponzi schemer Marc Dreier, who gave $5,000 in April to the committee, along with maxing out to Bill Richardson last year.

  • om Hanks, Executive Producer for HBO’s controversial polygamist series “Big Love,” made his feelings toward the Mormon Church’s involvement in California's Prop 8 (which prohibits gay marriage) very clear at the show’s premiere party on Wednesday night.
    More Mormon bigotry
  • My friend and co-host Jim Geraghty often reminds us that all of Barack Obama’s statements come with an expiration date. Some of them we can cheer, especially the latest expiration on coal. Obama promised to bankrupt any new coal plants during the campaign, but this week has signaled that coal will play a big role in his domestic energy plans (via Instapundit):
    And, Obama uses the one President at a time meme. Time has run out for "The One."He will next week be held accountable for his statements whether they expire or not.
  • There’s an old saying from the bowels of the Beltway bureaucracy: “Screw up, move up.” Rewarding failure is an immutable trait of the bipartisan Washington political culture. Just ask Barack Obama’s Treasury Secretary nominee Tim Geithner and the Senate Republicans who are blindly standing by him.
  • The top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee said on Thursday he was not aware of any Republicans who planned to vote against Timothy Geithner to head the Treasury Department because of his failure to pay taxes.

    "From talking to my colleagues on the Republican side, and I haven't talked to all of them … I have not found people who are going to vote against him based upon just the income tax issue," Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa told National Public Radio in an interview.
    Has the GOP become just go along?