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Photo Essay: California Senator Tony Strickland Hosts Camarillo Community Coffee

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California State Senator Tony Strickland, (R- Thousand Oaks) greets community memebers to his citizen outreach event this morning in Camarillo, California

As a part of his community outeach effort, Senator Strickland hosted an informal coffee (at the Camarillo Marie Callender’s restaurant) with a brief speech followed by a question and answer session. The public was invited.

Here is the event in photos. (A reminder to all: these photos were all taken by Flap, are copyrighted, all rights reserved. The Creative Commons License for use is here.)

Tony Strickland 7

Tony Strickland 6

Senator Strickland “working the room” – going to every table and meeting every community member

Tony Strickland and Dennis Carpenter

Senator Strickland talking with Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, Chief Deputy Dennis Carpenter who is the Chief of Police for the City of Thousand Oaks

Tony Strickland 4

Senator Strickland discussing an issue with a constituent while his Chief of Staff, Chris Wangsaporn checks his Blackberry

Tony Strickland 1

Senator Tony Strickland makes a point during his brief speech

Tony Strickland 3

Camarillo community members listen to Senator Strickland including @Flap Twitter Follower and Friend @erickbrockway

Tony Strickland 5

The question and answer session: John Zaruka, President of Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center makes the point as to how increasing California taxes is hurting his business.

During the event, Flap sat with Mike Osborn who is the Chairman of the Ventura County Republican Party. We discussed the ongoing technology rebuilding of the county party structure and outreach programs. Flap will have more on this at a later time.

After 90 minutes, the event wrapped up and Senator Strickland was off to his opening of his new California State Senate district office in Santa Barbara later in the day.

Strickland said he will be doing these community events every two weeks or so when the California Legislature is in session.

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