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Shocking: United States Has NO PLANS to Intercept North Korea Missile – Hillary Clinton

Not really a shocker from a Secretary of State whose husband’s Secretary of State used to toast Kim Jong-il and give him autographed basketballs. Yet, the United States has deployed assets off the coast of North Korea.

The United States has no plans to shoot down the North Korean rocket, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday in an interview with CNN’s Jill Dougherty, but will raise the issue with the U.N. Security Council if Pyongyang carries out a launch.

“We are doing our best to dissuade the North Koreans from going forward, because it is provocative action,” Clinton said. “It raises questions about their compliance with the Security Council Resolution 1718. And if they persist and go forward, we will take it up in appropriate channels.”

Flap’s bet: Japan WILL shoot down the missile while Obama and Hillary try to talk it out of the sky with the United Nations.

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3 thoughts on “Shocking: United States Has NO PLANS to Intercept North Korea Missile – Hillary Clinton

  1. If only Obama would get back in front of the videocamera and record a personal hip-hop message to the North Koreans. Then we could have peace in Asia. I know the North Koreans would welcome anything Obama has to say as they are experienced automatons who have spent decades being indoctrinated by a dictatorial windbag. Obama probably envies North Korea’s Glorious Leader Kim whats-his-name and the total control Kim has.

  2. USA is not worldwide policeman to shoot down everything that goes up. If there is certain threat to USA, than that’s different story.

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