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The Obligatory Meghan McCain AGAIN Shows She Knows NOTHING About the Republican Party

In her latest missive at Tina Brown’s The Daily Beast, Meghan McCain, the 20 something blogging daughter of Senator John McCain demonstrates again that she knows and understands little about the Republican Party. A party by the way, she only joined a year ago.

It is no secret that the Republican Party, for all its faults, consistently displays party unity. For all the criticism that the Bush administration came in for, risks were taken (like supporting the Iraq troop surge) that wound up benefiting the GOP in the long run.

And, your father, Meghan, received the nickname “MAVERICK” why?

There is NO Consistent party unity in the GOP. Look at these issues as a case in point:

  • illegal immigration
  • Obama’s cabinet nominees
  • Last Fall’s TARP bailout
  • Anwar oil drilling
  • Global Warming legislation

Just to name a few.

Meghan just because you motored about the country in your father’s tour bus with cloggged toilets does not give you any credibility with regards to the GOP.

Try a little research and reading.

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