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California Tea Party Political Action Committee Now Live – No on California Proposition 1A


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From the press release:

Formed in the spirit of the Tea Party theme associated with the Tax Day Tea Party, the California Tea Party Political Action Committee seeks to aid in preventing the passage of legislation encouraging tax increases and promoting legislation that decreases taxes.

From the California Tea Party Political Action Committee Website (

“Just as the original Boston Tea Party was fueled by excess taxes imposed upon American Colonists, the 2009 Tea Party Tax Revolt is inspired by unfair taxes imposed by the United States and California Governments. American Citizens are fed up with the excessive taxation and spending proposed by the Obama Administration. Additionally, the residents of California are now subjected to the highest tax burden in the United States with the recent addition of $16 billion dollars of taxes imposed by the California Legislature and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

“The California Tea Party PAC is a non-partisan organization that works to channel the energy of the grassroots anti-tax political movement and apply it to current California legislation and create real change in government. Funds raised by the group are used to fight tax increases, and promote conservative, pro-growth, limited government candidates and issues in California government regardless of political affiliation.”

The California Tea Party Political Action Committee’s primary agenda is the defeat of Proposition 1A. Their goal is to raise funds through online contributions that will be used specifically to support the No on Proposition 1A Campaign.

California Residents are encouraged to make a $10, $50, $100 contribution or more at to aid in the effort to defeat the $16 billion tax increase should Proposition 1A pass on the May 19, 2009 Special Election.

The California Tea Party Pac is on Twitter here and also on Facebook.

Go ahead and check it out. You will be glad you did.

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