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Poll Watch: American Voters Split on Whether the CIA Mislead Speaker Nancy Pelosi


This poll result is hard to fathom but here it is.


And, it is split pretty much along partisan lines.

In typical partisan fashion, 62% of Democrats give Pelosi the benefit of the doubt while 62% of Republicans hold the opposite view. As for those not affiliated with either major political party, 38% say the CIA may have misled the current House speaker, but 48% say it’s not likely.

The ideological divide is similar: 70% of liberals take Pelosi’s side, but just 24% of conservatives agree.

Looks like Pelosi will survive for a while and Flap bets there will be NO truth commission on Bush era enhanced interrogation techniques lest it drudge up Pelosi’s lies and sins again.

For the GOP Pelosi becomes the new Hillary of fundraising opportunities as the CIA continues undermine her authority as Speaker.

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One Comment

  • et watson

    I think very strongly that she is lying out her teeth.
    I really do not think she has ever told the truth about anything in her life
    She need to be out of congress altogether.