• Sean Goodhead

    You guys just can NOT get it right out there, can you? Please explain to me how you can have a law that is the complete opposite of itself? If you uphold prop 8 (a very poor decidsion on your part) which outlaws same-sex marriage in California, then HOW CAN YOU ALLOW THE 18,000 same-sex marriages that were performed before prop 8 was erronously voted into effect last November? If it’s illegal, then it’s ILLEGAL (again a very bad and completely WRONG decision on your part) completely; FOR EVERYONE !!!!! If it’s legal for 18,000, then it’s legal for EVERYONE. What you’ve done today, is illegal and that is, you’ve DISCRIMINATED against a part of the population of your state. Your new state motto should be, “Equal Rights – NO, Equal WRONGS – YES”, because by your horrible decision today, that’s exactly the message you’re sending today. You’ve now declassified a BIG section of the populace down to SECOND-CLASS CITIZENRY and I thought, (I could be wrong) was outlawed a LONG TIME AGO. Also, by allowing that ridiculous proposition to stand today, you’ve also pushed the economy of California WAY back. You’ve taken away thousands of jobs, which would have lightened, immensely, the out-of-work burden that your state is now experiencing, as well as the income that COULD HAVE BEEN GENERATED with people coming to your state for the sake of getting married. This has NOTHING to do with religion or the religious right OR THE MORMON CHURCH. We do NOT want a pew in your churches, or a seat in your synagogues, or a prayer rug in your mosques. All we want is what is, the CIVIL AND EQUAL RIGHT to exist the way that you do, which a simple piece of paper would grant us. The marriage oath ends with the words, “…..and now by the power vested in me by the state of (enter your state name here), I now pronounce you……..”. As you can tell, the states/commonwealths of Massachusettes, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Iowa have NOT fallen off the earth, nor have their citizenry caused a major collapse of this once great nation, even though the former president surely looked as though he were on his way to doing just that. This proposition, to begin with, was illegal, because of the way it was worded and the out-of-state interference, I believe was also illegal. I truly feel sorry for you and for your state and hope that, in the future, you start making more intelligent and informed decisions. God bless you (you apparently need it).