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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger “HAPPY” Illegal Immigrants Obtain State Services

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein

Well, Arnold removes all doubt.

He is a MORON.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he’s “happy” illegal immigrants get state services and says they’re not to blame for California’s $24.3 billion budget gap.

Schwarzenegger, an immigrant himself, says the estimated $4 billion to $5 billion the state spends on illegal immigrants annually is a “small percentage” of the deficit.

The Republican governor told The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board on Friday that it’s easy to “scapegoat” illegal immigrants. But he says the state’s budget has a much deeper spending imbalance.

He noted the federal government requires California to provide emergency health care and education to illegal immigrants. And he says illegal immigrants often help pick the state’s crops and construct its buildings.

NOte: California unemployment is the second highest in the United States and the state budget is bleeding red ink with no prospects of balancing it.

California is essentially insolvent and teetering on bankruptcy.

If Arnold did not have a short time remaining in office, he would surely be recalled.

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3 thoughts on “California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger “HAPPY” Illegal Immigrants Obtain State Services

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is not the Governor of California. Uncle Teddy and Maria is running this State. Arnold is nothing but a Girly Governor. I just wish he would tell the truth and admite he is aDemorat. Illegal is Illegal!!!.

  2. I lived in So. Cal for many years, the true problem is NAFTA AND GATT, Nixon put the first nail in and Clinton and Gore finished the job. Arnold and all the other Gov’s of the states have been sold out by congress, its time for term limits on those people like they did to the president.

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