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Day By Day by Chris Muir July 16, 2009 – Don’t Judge ME

day by day 071609

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, you are correct. The old and inform will NOT do well under Obamacare as the wealth of America is “spread around” with rationing and redistribution of health care resources.

And, look at how Obama and the Congressional Democrats are paying for the Obamacare reform – massive tax increases which WILL hit the Middle Class and Small Business owners.

When all of the details are finally understood, I don’t think American voters will be too pleased with this “HOPE and CHANGE.”

Now, with regards to Judge Sonia Sotomayor, can she “STONEWALL” her way to confirmation?

Apparently so. Well, the Democrats have a filibuster proof majority and elections have consequences.


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  • Ling

    Just read that Obama’s campaign organization is running ads against moderate Dem Senators, trying to get them to vote for the healthcare bill. For anyone who thought Bill Clinton triangulating and pulling the rug out from under the Dems in Congress was fun, well, it’s time to have fun again. Seriously, this Administration will do anything to get it’s way, even if it means destryoing your own team.

  • Flap

    Yes, they can – destroy their own Party.

    Don’t they realize that the backlash of such a draconian tax and spend scheme will be reversed after the 2010 midterm Congressional elections?

    Did you see that Sarah Palin, even wth high unfavorables, is behind Obama only 7 points in North Carolina?

    And, I will have a post up soon from the New York Post about the extreme taxes New Yorkers will pay under Obamacare. Hello Rudy Giuliani elected as Governor and Pataki as U.S. Senator.