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Shocker: Iran Will Have Means to Test Nuclear Weapon Within Six Months

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In the meantime, the United States has allowed Iran to stall and develop their nuclear capacity despite countless United Nation’s resolutions.
Iran is blocking U.N. nuclear agency attempts to upgrade monitoring of its atomic program while advancing those activities to the stage that the country would have the means to test a weapon within six months, diplomats told The Associated Press Friday.

The diplomats emphasized that there were no indications of plans for such a nuclear test, saying it was highly unlikely Iran would risk heightened confrontation with the West—and chances of Israeli attack—by embarking on such a course.

But they said that even as Iran expands uranium enrichment, which can create fissile nuclear material, it is resisting International Atomic Energy Agency attempts to increase surveillance of its enrichment site meant to keep pace with the plant’s increased size and complexity.

For Iran to amass enough fissile material to conduct an underground test similar to North Korea’s 2006 nuclear explosion, it would likely have to kick out monitors of the IAEA—the U.N. nuclear agency—from its one known uranium enrichment site at Natanz. Technicians then could reconfigure the centrifuges now churning out nuclear-fuel grade enriched uranium to highly enriched, weapons-grade material.

Iran is unlikely, however, to want to do that. Such a move would immediately set off international alarm bells and could bridge rifts on how strongly to react—Russia and China, which have resisted Western calls to increase pressure on Iran over its nuclear defiance, would likely endorse more sweeping U.N sanctions and other penalties.

With the U.N. nuclear agency strictly limited in its nuclear monitoring of Iran, the existence of a hidden enrichment site that could supply the weapons-grade uranium needed for a nuclear weapons test is also possible.

nternational Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed Elbaradei has repeatedly warned that his agency cannot guarantee that Iran is not hiding nuclear activities. Iranian nuclear expert David Albright on Friday put the chances that such a secret site exists at “50-50.”

The United States has screwed around while the centrifuges at Natanz have been spinning. Then, one day, either Israel will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, including the secret ones or Iran will kick out the IAEA inspectors and declare it is a nuclear power.

You cannot say the United States and Europe have not known about the Iran nuclear subterfuge. They have just decided to do nothing.

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4 thoughts on “Shocker: Iran Will Have Means to Test Nuclear Weapon Within Six Months

  1. We will talk and talk and threaten economic sanctions and Iran will continue down the road to becoming a nuclear state. Those in the the obama state department will continue to attempt to talk to the Iranian leaders and they will continue to critize our every action and one day before long monitoring stations will detect an underground disturbance in the central Iranian desert and the world will take notice, too late. And the nuclear arms race in the middle east will be on.

  2. And what ?
    Iran will become Nuclear and WHAT ?

    what about other countries like the guys who occupies the land of Jesus?

    Yeah man and WHAT ? Leave them alone they never started any war , they never occupied anyone,


  3. @Me

    They will become nuclear with Almanijehad at the helm and they will do WHAT their President has been proclaiming for the last 3 years: Assault the land of the Jews and Jesus and many other ethnicities. Destroy out of self declared hatred.

    Get a clue, man.

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