Henry Gates

ALE to the Chief: Obama’s Beer Summit

Obama Beer-Summit

Don’t Obama and Biden have anything MORE important to do?

Like putting people back to work?

But, Noooooo – Obama makes a stupid remark about cops being stupid about African American Harvard Professor Henry Skip Gates and it is beer summit time at the White House.


Obama is indeed a rookie. And, an increasingly unpopular one at that.

This one incident may just taint Obama’s entire Presidency.

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4 thoughts on “ALE to the Chief: Obama’s Beer Summit

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  2. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to mention another time in history when something of this sort happened.Louis Bonaparte the nephew of Napolean Bonaparte ruled France from 1848-1871.He had his share of problems during that time.He tried to get the support of the down and out people of France at the time.He did manage to get their support by unscrupulous means.He had a security guard made up of the down and out of Paris.To keep them in good spirits they were offered beer and garlic sasauges on a regular basis.I don’t know if president Obama knows about this.

    Stan Squires

  3. The way a leader goes about addressing his failures tells us more about who he is then many speeches. Saying “I am sorry” over a contrite heart is of more stature then “I didn’t mean it that way”over a beer.

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