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Poll Watch: Rudy Giuliani for New York United States Senate?

Rudy Giuliani campaigning for President in Santa Barbara, California September 2007
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Well, if New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is the Democrat nominee for Governor, Rudy would have an easier time defeating appointed Democrat Senator Kristen Gillibrand.

Let’s look at the poll numbers:

If David Paterson runs for Governor in 2010, would you vote to elect him or would you prefer someone else?
14% Elect, 71% Prefer someone else

2010 Governor: Democratic Primary
66% Cuomo, 20% Paterson (chart)

2010 Governor: General Election
Paterson 39%, Lazio 35% (chart)
Giuliani 52%, Paterson 35% (chart)
Cuomo 52%, Giuliani 39% (chart)
Cuomo 64%, Lazio 18% (chart)

And for the U.S. Senate:

2010 Senate: General Election (trends)
46% Giuliani, 38% Gillibrand

I don’t know if Rudy would be interested in a non-executive position and it is rumored that former GOP New York Governor George Pataki is considering running for the Senate.

If the Democrats continue to fade, the GOP could get a two’fer here. But, the stars must align perfectly.

Stay tuned……

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