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  • Chuck DeVore sent out yet another of his campaign emails yesterday, this time whining that “Obama and his liberal colleagues in Washington are spending us into oblivion. Meanwhile welfare rolls continue unabated while fraud and abuse run rampant.”

    So I wondered if DeVore might in fact be spending himself into oblivion? The short answer – yes!

    If you look at the graphic above you will see that DeVore’s campaign for the U.S. Senate is heavily in debt. He owes over $106,000! Ruh-roh!

    And it turns out that DeVore’s Assembly campaign accounts are also in debt! See the figures below.

    DeVore in ‘08 (active)
    Cash (6/30/09) = $2,064.65
    Debt (6/30/09) = $31,782.87 (of which $7,800 are loans from himself made in
    2009, the rest is accrued expenses)

    DeVore in ‘04 (active)
    Cash (6/30/09) = $224.93
    Debt (6/30/09) = $19,308.51 (of which $18,850 are loans from himself made in
    2003, the rest is accrued expenses)

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  • Todd and I would like to offer our best wishes to the Jewish community as they celebrate the High Holy Days. With the celebration of the Jewish New Year this week and the observance of the Day of Atonement next week, we are reminded of the hopeful commitment to renewal and peace exemplified by the Jewish tradition and the Jewish people throughout history.

    Yom Kippur, the most solemn and important of the Jewish holy days, is a time of reflection and supplication for forgiveness. The timeless human struggle to promote justice, harmony, and peace is seen here in this process of atonement – in humbly seeking pardon for past wrongs in the hope of a new beginning. It reminds us that if we wish to co-exist globally, we must all strive for forgiveness and tolerance.

    A speech was given at the United Nations General Assembly yesterday that was full of hateful anti-Semitic rhetoric

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  • Unfortunately, the synagogue’s rabbi considered himself a bit of a political speechwriter as well, and gave an overly political and unbecoming sermon that evening condemning “those who would use alliteration to polarize our society.” As Safire put it in his book Before the Fall, “that’s all I needed; the ‘nattering nabobs of negativism’ was not a sin I had come to atone for.” Yitzhak Rabin, who was the Israeli ambassador to Washington at the time, comforted Safire after the sermon and later told the rabbi that he felt the attack was inappropriate, something for which Safire was forever grateful.
  • Gregory asked: “Your wife famously talked about the vast right wing conspiracy targeting you. As you look at this opposition on the right to President Obama, is it still there?”

    The former president replied: “Oh, you bet. Sure it is. It's not as strong as it was, because America has changed demographically. But it's as virulent as it was. I mean, they're saying things about him. You know, it's like when they accused me of murder, and all that stuff they did. … But … it's not really good for the Republicans and the country, what's going on now. I mean, they may be hurting President Obama. They can take his numbers down. They can run his opposition up. But, fundamentally, he and his team have a positive agenda for America. Their agenda seems to be wanting him to fail."
    Bill Clinton playing the Hispanic card? or is it the Black card?

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  • Former presidential candidate John Edwards is said to be ready to admit that he fathered a love child. But Hades may have a skating rink before his wife, Elizabeth, signs off on such a confession.

    As a grand jury in North Carolina considers whether Edwards misused campaign funds to cover up the scandal, Elizabeth still can't abide his former mistress, Rielle Hunter.

    Word is Elizabeth vehemently opposed the plan, now in place, for Hunter and daughter Quinn to move from New Jersey to Wilmington, N.C., where the Edwardses have a beach house.
    Elizabeth Edwards talking to a divorce lawyer. Why did it take so long?

  • Iran said it successfully test-fired short-range missiles during drills Sunday by the elite Revolutionary Guard, a show of force days after the U.S. and its allies condemned Tehran over a newly revealed underground nuclear facility that was being secretly constructed.

    English-language Press TV reported the Fateh-110, Tondar-69 and Zelzal were test fired in a missile defense exercise, but did not give specifics on range or other details. All are short-range, surface-to-surface missiles.

    Gen. Hossein Salami, head of the Revolutionary Guard Air Force, told reporters Iran tested a multiple missile launcher for the first time. Press TV showed pictures of at least two missiles being fired simultaneously and said they were from Sunday's drill in a desert in central Iran. In the clip, men could be heard shouting "Allahu Akbar" as the missiles were launched.

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Day By Day by Chris Muir September 27, 2009 – WonderLand

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

It is NO surprise that Iran has a “SECRET” underground uranium enrichment facility – one in which they can process sufficient nuclear fuel for weapons.

And, today, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are testing short-range missiles that are capable of hitting Israel.

President Obama is at a cross-roads with Iran.

He can either insist on the enforcement of the United Nations resolutions or capitulate. His call for diplomatic engagement with Iran will only postpone the inevitable. Obama cannot punt the Iranian nuclear football down the road like George W. Bush did.


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Roman Polanski

Film Director Roman Polanski Arrested for 1977 Sex With Minor Case

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In 1977, he was accused of raping the teenager while photographing her during a modeling session. The girl said Polanski plied her with champagne and part of a Quaalude pill at Jack Nicholson’s house while the actor was away. She said that, despite her protests, he performed oral sex, intercourse and sodomy on her.

Polanski was allowed to plead guilty to one of six charges, unlawful sexual intercourse, and was sent to prison for 42 days of evaluation.

Lawyers agreed that would be his full sentence, but the judge tried to renege on the plea bargain. Aware the judge would sentence him to more prison time and require his voluntary deportation, Polanski fled to France.

The victim, Samantha Geimer, who long ago identified herself publicly, has joined in Polanski’s bid for dismissal, saying she wants the case to be over. She sued Polanski and reached an undisclosed settlement.

But, it does seem strange that after all of these years (Polanski is 76 years old), an appeal filed to overturn his plea and with the recent Susan Atkins death (who murdered his wife, Sharon Tate), that the government would enforce the judgment of the court.

Polanski will have his day in a California courtroom soon.

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