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Carly Fiorina’s Absence from California GOP Convention for Breast Cancer Treatment Mocked by California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore Spokesman Joshua Trevino

From @jstrevino today on Twitter at 9:25 AM

I saw this today on Twitter and really could not believe it. A spokesman and a paid one at that for California Republican Assemblyman and U.S. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore, Joshua Trevino,  mocking fellow Republican Carly Fiorina for not attending this past weekend’s California GOP Convention in Indian Wells.

James Richardson has the FLAP.

Citing the physical demands of her ongoing treatment for breast cancer, for which she was diagnosed last March, potential GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina said her schedule of radiation treatments would not permit her attendance at the convention.

But the DeVore campaign has noted that, while Fiorina’s health curiously precluded her from attending the party gathering, she spent much of the following Monday campaigning in Fresno with ranchers and participated via satellite in Fortune’s “Most Powerful Women Summit.”

Laying the foundation for the belief that Fiorina is somehow casually exploiting her illness for the benefit of her campaign, State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore told The Fresno Bee he finds “it curious that her campaign said she was unable to make the convention for health reasons, and yet, … she was engaged in what appears to be a pretty standard, strenuous campaign day yesterday – the day after the convention.”

Indicative of his campaign’s reliance on rumor-mongering of a particularly vicious and fatuous sort, DeVore’s critics say his campaign’s latest assault on Fiorina is built on the notion that he can cobble together support among the GOP ranks by fostering the double-edged rumor that his opponent is too ill to campaign, too liberal to campaign for the Republican nomination – or, perhaps, both.

“Carly says daily treatments keep her home, yet she campaigned Monday. Conclusion: as Pluto is no longer a planet, Monday is no longer a day,” wrote campaign spokesman Josh Treviño on Twitter.

Fiorina, whose campaign is stalled in the exploratory phase, will “continue to take day trips with a limited schedule, like she did in Fresno, in order to meet with people and hear first hand their concerns about our state and our country,” said spokeswoman Beth Miller.

Sources familiar with Fiorina’s event in Fresno say it was neither “strenuous” nor absent of conservatives, contending it was a casual agricultural campaign event. Moreover, the event in Fresno was conveniently—and necessarily—located near where Fiorina receives her radiation treatment – whereas Indian Wells is roughly 400 miles away.

But, there is another tweet from PAID Chuck DeVore spokesman Joshua Trevino.

From @jstrevino today on Twitter
at 3:50 PM

So, Assmblyman Chuck DeVore, a candidate for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate implies that Carly Fiorina avoided the California GOP convention and did so by exploiting her breast cancer. Then, DeVore’s spokesman goes after Fiorina in a more forceful and direct way calling her indirectly a LIAR.

Devore’s statement and that of his paid FLACK HACK are REAL classy, right?

Here is the official statement from Carly Fiorina’s spokeswoman:

When she filed with the IRS to open a “testing the waters” committee in August, Carly indicated she would be meeting with a variety of policy makers, local leaders and business owners from around the state. Since then she has met with many people and her visit to Fresno yesterday was a continuation of that effort.

“As you noted in your article last week, Carly is in her final weeks of radiation treatment, which is administered daily. Her schedule needs to accommodate those treatments and make allowances for the cumulative fatigue that occurs towards the end of the course of treatment. For that reason, the decision was made that she not attend the CRP convention this year but, should she run, Carly is looking forward to seeing folks at the February convention. In the meantime, she will continue to take day trips with a limited schedule, like she did in Fresno, in order to meet with people and hear first hand their concerns about our state and our country.

I think this entire matter definitely says something about Chuck DeVore’s character and his questionable campaign behavior.

More later on Chuck DeVore and his violations of the GOP’s 11th Commandment.

Stay tuned…..

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6 thoughts on “Carly Fiorina’s Absence from California GOP Convention for Breast Cancer Treatment Mocked by California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore Spokesman Joshua Trevino

  1. I think this is a joke. Do you know ANYONE with cancer. I have several friends with breast cancer. Radiation and chemo absolutely drains you of strength. NO Fiorina’s explanation isn’t adding up. I’m a woman and I don’t buy it. I don’t trust anyone who sells electronics to a rogue nation like Iran when we are banned from doing business with them. That’s exactly what Fiorina did while she as CEO of HP. Nope as a woman she’s not for me, as a business woman she’s not for me, as someone with weak excuses she’s not for me. She’s just not forthright. I want that in a candidate. Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association just endorsed DeVore. That says A LOT. That says he puts his vote where his mouth is, on the side of the taxpayer. I say go DeVore.

  2. Not a joke and I have had cancer as well as know others that have been treated for same.

    The charge about Iran has not been verified and Fiorina has denied any knowledge of any such sales.

    Carly Fiorina is an accomplished businesswoman, a great American and life-long Republican. Support who you will but Carly Fiorina will be the GOP nominee, if she decides to run.

  3. Great, then we can count on a DeVore win because the GOP backing means nothing in this country now. We are done with democrats in republican clothing like Carly Fiorina.

  4. Carly Fiorina is a lifelong Republican who will defeat DeVore next June. DeVore has zero name recognition in California and has raised NO money for a campaign.

  5. I know this is a late response, but I can’t believe DeVore made an issue of this and claimed that she exploited her cancer to avoid attending CA GOP convention in So Cal, yet attended a local campaign in No Cal.

    I just had my 6th and last chemotherapy infusion for breast cancer yesterday and can tell you that the fatigue is cummulative and the side effects miserable. I am also going to have radiation therapy, which is indeed done daily, so long distance trips are problemmatic during therapy. Although radiation therapy does cause fatigue, it is not usually as severe as the fatigue from chemo if you only have radiation. However having radiation following chemotherapy (as Carly did and I will be doing) can cause more severe fatigue than radiation therapy alone, depending on how closely the radiation follows the chemo.

    Breast cancer patients are typically given multiple choices of treatment options. Although surgery — lumpectomy or mastectomy, a sentinel node bioposy (and a dissection of axillary nodes if the sentinel node biopsy is postive) — is almost always advised as primary treatment, doctors are able to give us individual statistics for lessening our risk of recurrence by the use of the adjuvant options of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It comes down to measuring the willingness to endure the side effects vs. the % reduction in recurrence risk, which is often low but still significant.

    Carly chose to have the most aggressive treatment to include all 3 treatments (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation), which, even though the adjvant chemo and radiation treatments would statistically give her the lowest risk of recurrence, she would have to endure diificult side effects including hair loss, fatigue, immunosuppression and various others unpleasant medical issues. I understand her choice because I made the same one, despite other breast cancer friends who chose to forgo . Her risk of recurrence should be very low and her normal stamina should return following treatment.

    I’m a conservative Repulican who is dismayed to see this kind of personal attack which was not based on the candidate’s conduct or record, but questioning her medical treatment.

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