Chuck DeVore

Chuck DeVore With Obama Birther Connections Now Associates FDR’s New Deal With Mussolini Fascism

California Republican Assemblyman Chuck DeVore and Candidate for California U.S. Senate

Chuck, your Obama birther connections are bad enough.
It draws the links between Chuck’s support last year of Floyd Brown, an architect of the famous 1988 Willie Horton campaign against Michael Dukakis. Last year, Brown created a campaign to attack then Democratic Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Said Brown: “It is absolutely critical that Obama’s negatives go up with Republicans.”

Brown’s ad focused on a 2001 vote by then-Illinois state senator Obama. He opposed a bill that would have expanded the use of the death penalty if the perp was in a gang.

However, Chuck’s pals at Time magazine described the ad’s “links between Obama’s vote on that issue and the deaths of three Chicago resident’s are indirect and tenuous.”

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