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Day By Day November 10, 2009 – The Drone Wars

Day By Day by Chris Muir

The White House has floated a trial baloon with President Obama agreeiing to send 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan – bring to about 100,000 in Afghanistan. I say a trial baloon because NOW the Obama Administration is denying it.

The White House has issued the following response to this story, attributed to White House National Security Advisor James Jones:

“Reports that President Obama has made a decision about Afghanistan are absolutely false. He has not received final options for his consideration, he has not reviewed those options with his national security team, and he has not made any decisions about resources. Any reports to the contrary are completely untrue and come from uninformed sources.”

So, what is it going to be?

President Obama has dragged his feet on a troop deployment decision, putting more Americans at risk in a bloddy war.

Mr President, time to fish or cut bait.

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