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Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving

Flap is THANKFUL for……

His God for having Created him….

His Country for bestowing many blessings of liberty…

His Family for the LOVE they share…

His Health which allows him quality of life…..

His Friends on and off line who share and bring much to Flap’s life…

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7 Responses to “Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving”
  1. Aneriz says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Flap and readers!

  2. catherine says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, too bad there is no such occasion here in my country only Christmas. Anyways for me everyday is a Thanksgiving day, so many things to thank for. Again happy Thanksgiving from All About Dogs

  3. dereks says:

    happy Thanksgiving, too many delicious food, mmmmm … nyam nyam

  4. Mark5inc says:

    hehe nice and delicious bird.

  5. Prevajanje says:

    Well this picture really bring water in my mouth , My heart insist me to jumps into the screen, snatch this delicious bird and eat it in one attempt hehehehe…

  6. If no body objected, i would like also share with the delight bird. Thanks an attractive picture

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